Morocco Trip Update 8.19.19

Dear Friends and Family

After a rough start getting here we arrived late Saturday and have had a great day with the kids and adults at the Haven.  Leading up to the trip two of our team members had to drop out , one because his boss would not let him off from work and the other due to sickness.  So there are 4 of us who are happy to be here.  While we miss the two who could not come; We believe this is the team God wanted here.

Last night we gave out shirts, had dinner and then went for Ice Cream with the kids.  It was a blast riding in the car.  The kids miss my wife (Gram ) but are thrilled to have us (Kate, Rebecca, Clyde and myself) here for the week.

This morning after a pancake breakfast we watched and Andy Stanley video about our natural birth into sin and the difficulty  we have living the life that God calls us to live.  But in Christ, living through him we can live as God wants .

After church we divided the kids into teams and began the PTR Olympics.  Each team gets points for winning competitions and for memorizing verses.  Each day one of our team members will share with the kids.  Today was my turn and I shared about the joy we can have, described in Philippians, regardless of Circumstances.

After team time we will have more games with the kids before dinner.

Blessing to all of you in the States and thanks for your partnership

LBC Zambia Update 5.13.19

The Adventure Begins!

The day started with a team meeting at Corie and Eric’s (Push The Rock Host). We were challenged by the western cultures tendencies to cause more damage then good on short-term mission trips. We spent the morning educating ourselves and preparing our hearts to serve the people of Zambia most effectively. We tried Insima for the first time. It’s basically a food that Zambians use as a utensil, its like mashed potato but has a thicker concurrency. After a brief prayer meeting with the PTR staff, we welcomed the kids that quickly became our shadows. We spent the rest of the afternoon hangout with the kids and participating in different activities such as basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, card games and ping pong. It was amazing to see how they accepted and showed us love on the first day of camp. The joy that they have has already impacted our team and our perspective because their joy is not based off of material things. We count it as a privilege to be accepted with open arms into this community and are looking forward to continue to build relationships with the Zambians. Thankful for: unity between the basketball and lacrosse teams over a common goal to love these child as Christ does.

Prayers for: Opportunities to share the Gospel with these kids and others!

Hope Privitera and Lizzy

LBC Zambia Update 5.12.19

We Made It!!!

We started our trek Saturday morning at 530am and arrived at our destination Sunday at 530pm Zambia time. We first headed to JFK airport for our 15 hour first leg of our flight. We had a great driver, and after a few exit adventures and one cone casualty we were all checked in and through customs. We were blessed with great conditions for our flights and had a smooth transition to our connecting flight in Johannesburg. The highlight of the flight was a beautiful sunrise that reminded us of God’s amazing handiwork. After arriving in Livingston we boarded a bus for a 3 hour ride to Macha. While on that ride we took time to refocus and spend time in worship together. The final half hour of our ride was on a dirt road that a four wheeler would function best on, but our driver skillfully maneuvered is safely to our destination. We are staying in the Macha Research Hostel in dorm style rooms. The PTR missionaries welcomed us into their home for a taco dinner, making us feel right at home. We are calling it a night in hopes to catch up on some much needed sleep to be well rested for an exciting week of serving and adventures.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mom’s!

Schenk, Cheri, and the team

Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 3.2.19

In preparing to leave CR yesterday we wanted to finish up our devos on the 10 commandments which Ian volunteered to lead for the day (It was #5, honor your parents). I’m glad he had that opportunity and I think the study guide gave him the confidence to do it. Everyone was good about participating in the discussion. Chris was the final one to share his testimony. Ideally we would have wrapped up last night, but it was too late after our “end of the week” team time (which was late after our day away). The rest of the day was spent loading up the bus and traveling, which all went smoothly…and no long lines, thank the Lord! Good-byes were emotional with promises to pray for each other, invitations to visit each other, and hopes of future opportunities to work together.

Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 3.1.19

This morning we were up bright and early to leave for the canopy tour, with breakfast upon our arrival at the site. Jenelle chose to hang out with Nattie and take pictures of some of the zip lines rather than harness up and fly with us. It was cool to experience the camaraderie that has been built upon all week as we navigated the zip lines. There was so much encouragement along with good-natured bantering. It was thrilling to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation from a new perspective on the high wires. Gabriel, Nattie’s brother, came along although he was terrified to go on the zip line. Through encouragement from the team (and a lot of prayer, I’m sure 🙂 There was a young couple behind us that asked what we were doing in CR. It turns out they try play disc golf wherever they go. We told them about the new course and shared some of our story. Talk about a divine appointment! Our time at the hot springs was also greatly enjoyed and more relaxing. Again, the camaraderie was evident as we spent the afternoon together in the pools and on the slides. Such a great day as we closed out our week of serving together. After a late supper we had an amazing time affirming and encouraging one another as well as discussing plans for the future. What a great team! Now to pack our bags, which will be so much easier without the extra 150 lbs. of chain and discs!

Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.28.19

This morning was the big tournament we’ve been anticipating all week. Three bus loads of 5th and 6th graders arrived at the park one at a time, so while waiting for all of them to arrive, we played with the kids already there inside a nice air conditioned building.  They had fun teaching us hand clapping games and helping us with our Spanish.
When everyone had arrived we were introduced and Jim spoke for a few minutes and showed a video about Eagles Wings. The park staff warmly thanked us for coming. We proceeded with a skills clinic and an opportunity for them to play some of the holes. There were 75 kids and adults who participated. They were so excited to hear that they got to keep the disc they played with. A church planting pastor that we invited came with 2 of his kids. He intends to use the new course as a discipleship tool so we gave him 30 discs to get started.
In the afternoon we invited the park staff and people from other mission agencies to participate in a time of learning disc golf. We also talked with some people who just happened to be in the park and seemed interested. We were able to bless everyone with discs and t-shirts. The park director made special arrangements to meet with us and is very supportive of what we’re doing and interested in hosting tournaments. She told us how glad she is that we chose their park, and Jim’s reply was that God brought us together. It was thrilling to see the course come alive today and we look forward to seeing how God will use it for His glory. So many people are interested…I can imagine the ripple effect it will have in Costa Rica.
After supper tonight we had our team time with devotions about the 4th commandment on keeping the Sabbath, which led to some good discussion. Bret and Jenelle shared testimonies. It’s been so good getting to know each other during those quieter and more serious times. People are being transparent, which requires trust. This is drawing us closer. And then there are the lighter, fun times, like celebrating birthdays and walking to get ice cream. Last night was Jim’s birthday with cake and ice cream, and tonight we celebrated Chris’s with a pinata for his 40th. Instead of swinging  a stick, he threw a disc. Lots of laughs! Looking forward to our day off/fun day at the canopy and hot springs tomorrow. I predict a lot of sleeping on the bus as we leave at 6 a.m.
Hasta manana

Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.27.19

Today we had a 6:30am breakfast so we could arrive at the prison for our scheduled time. When we got there, we had to wait more than an hour for them to clear us because of a bus change. On a positive note, it gave us more time to talk and pray. After being screened, scanned, patted down, and a bit of a walk, we were finally inside. We had two 45 minute sessions with about 40 men in each group. We started off with Craig giving a short talk about why we were there. Some of the guys gave nods of affirmation when he talked about Jesus. Brandon and Ferrel gave a testimony, one for each group. They both gave  examples from their own lives about how God gave them hope through Jesus Christ  when they were at low points, and also what disc golf means to them. It was obvious that all the talks were Spirit-led. When we introduced disc golf to the inmates, it was super-exciting to see how much they loved it. We heard very positive comments and were told that the men felt loved that we would take the time to come there.
When we arrived at Parque La Libertad after lunch, our team working there had installed the rest of the baskets and we just needed to add the tee signs that were made from old patio stones that Jim had found and asked permission to use. No time was wasted as everyone grabbed their discs and ran to try out the course for the first time.
From there, we went back to the sports complex where we were for yesterday’s clinic.  A different group of people came to learn how to play!  We were also able to scope out a piece of the property suitable for several baskets, which was one of the sports director’s request.  He is excited about what Eagles Wings is doing and a potential partnership to serve families in San Jose.  We ended the day with a late supper, team time, and making plans for the tournament tomorrow!