Madrid 2017 | Update 1 | July 1

Saturday, July 1

Our team has landed safely in Madrid, Spain.  After a long flight from Philadelphia, and some questionable sleep on the plane, our team is ready to get the trip started.  We met up with the two Push The Rock Spain staff members.  After meeting up with them, we spent our day enjoying the company of some missionary families that we will be partnering with for camp. After a great lunch, we took a tour of a neighboring city, Alcana de Henares.  There we saw some VERY old building structures and enjoyed posing with some statues.  We also enjoyed our first typical food of Spain as we got Tapas.  Once we were home from dinner, the team decided to go to a local court and play some basketball.  We met some new friends a the park and bonded over a game we all love.  To end the night, we finished with our Team Time Bible Study and shared some testimonies among our team.  Tomorrow we have a packed schedule and will worship with two different churches in the Madrid area.  Please continue to pray as we serve the Lord through basketball here in Madrid!


Tenerife 2017 | Update 11 | June 27

Tenerife 2017 | Update 11 | June 27

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

First morning in the bomberos! It’s fun to all be together late at night toking and in the mornings having fellowship with each other

At the morning clinic today as a team we worked on learning all of the kids’ names which changed the environment entirely. It became personal we were truly building relationships with the kids

After clinic we came back to the bomberos and while I worked on my Sportsmanship thought I was talking with Sajid and Orlando for awhile in Spanish. I am having fun practicing and working on my spanish. I was trying to learn one of the Spanish songs we sang at church so Sajid was helping me. Our conversation evolved into an acoustic worship session with Josh, Sajid, Orlando and I. It was awesome to be able to spend that time together and see Christ in each of us and worship in a small group together.

At the afternoon clinic, I again led the group of little ones. There are six 6 year olds and praise God they all understand english. Yesterday I taught them how to shoot so it was super cool to see them put it into practice today. We taught them today how to play Knock out or “Eliminato” which they absolutely loved. Their faces just lit up every time we said, “?Otra vez?” Sarais and I had so much fun with them! At the end one of them came up to me and said, “?Eliminato en basketball class mañana?!” With a smile from ear to ear. All of them called the clinic, “basketball class” it was adorable.

After clinic we headed back up to the north for the boys’ game. It was a great game, we could tell that the guys were pretty tired but they gave it everything they had to win the game. It was awesome to see their enthusiasm.

We had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, we were able to eat them on the way home in order to get some extra sleep. Which was a great blessing! We continually pray for strength and energy and thank God for answering these prayers! -Leah

Tenerife 2017 | Update 10 | June 26

Tenerife 2017 | Update 10 | June 26

Monday, June 26, 2017

We moved to the south of the island yeasty and had to split up as our normal accommodations in the south were not available until today.  The six girls stayed with Christy in her apartment, the boys (8 of them) stand in a hotel where several of the smuggled to sleep with the native wildlife roaming around, Brendan and Jenn stayed with Albrecht’s home, and more stayed in the home of the Velasquez family.  Breakfast was served in each of the respective homes and them it was off to the location for the clinic.

The clinic was held at a new location this year: Costa Adeje International School.  We had 32 kids and even though it was at a new location we had several returners.  The weather was extremely warm as “la claim” had settled in.  At the end of the two hours, there were lots of smiling faces, lots of seat, and very little water left as we had gone through all we had and then some.

Lunch was served at the Bomberos after hearing the testimonies of Aaron and Sam.  We also took an opportunity for praying with one another and for one another.  Lunch was pasta, coleslaw, bread and fruit.  After lunch we headed back to our clinic location where we met some new faces and some had returned from the morning session.  We had 43 kids and were able to split them up nd work at the 4 baskets of the indoor gyms.

After clinics the boys had a very tough game, finding themselves down by 15 points at one point in the game.  With the explosive 3 point shooting of Sammy, the boys pounded their way back to a 3 point victory at the buzzer by Sammy!  It was an exhausting game.

Dinner was served after the game back at the Bombers and consisted of chicken nuggets, pasta, salad, and bread.  All was prepared by Cheryl and Sarais.  Thank you to all who helped make the day amazing and those who’ve been praying for us!

After dinner all got ready for bed and for a time of rest to prepare for what God has in store for the next day! – Christy

Tenerife 2017 | Update 9 | June 25

Tenerife 2017 | Update 9 | June 25

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today was a travel day.  After waking up and eating breakfast, we hopped in a car and journeyed down to the south part of the island.  I slept for most of the car ride, which was nice.  We had the chance to attend a church service in Adeje, which was in Spanish.  It seemed like a great church with a solid pastor.  After church, we went to our hotels to drop off our stuff.  We found a cockroach in my bed and we all jumped around the room screaming.  It was awesome.  Next, we went to all around Costa Adeje.  We got ice cream, too.  It was a very chill and fun night.  Upon retiring to our hotel room, we found more cockroaches and Alcides killed them with bug spray.  Even though they were all dead, I stayed in the other room.  Today was excellent! – Joey

Tenerife 2017 | Update 6 | June 22

Tenerife 2017 | Update 6 | June 22

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today started out with breakfast and a great time to talk with Brendan in the morning.  As much as we don’t want to deal with the enemy, it is a sign that God is moving in our lives and our ministry opportunity.  Breakfast starts each day with us able to watch Gabi, Marvin, and those helping to serve us.  Gabby is such a gracious, loving and joyful servant. I love to hear the laughter that comes from her to all of us.  Andre and Marvin are so attentive to all of us as well.  Watching Dave, Steve, Brendan, and Christy coordinate our routine for the day builds confidence in each of the team members.  There is no question about what we are doing.  All details have been handled and the flexibility we have operated with is so great.

Gabi and Andre took several of us to play Padel today in the morning.  Fun! Fun! Fun! Leah and Reghan definitely hit the ball HARD!  Sounded like a canon when they hit the ball.

After we had been playing for a while, 2 young boys showed up to play soccer at the field next to where we were playing.  Sam, Jake, and Joey went over and introduced themselves and began playing with them.  They are completely sold out to maximize each opportunity to reach out to everyone around them.  And each of those three do it wth such ease.  All of the team seems focused, intentional, but also very naturally able to love and care and connect with the kids and adults around us.

We can back to the church for lunch and for team time.  Jon shared his testimony.  He is such a strong and gentle man.  He is confident and courageous in all he does and seeks to know his role.  Great to know that he has been a primary recruiter for Tenerife trips at such a young age.  He is a great example of a willing vessel in the hands of the Lord.  Glad to have him as prayer partner.

We went to Puerto de La Cruz for camp.  Driving with Alcedes has been a highlight of my days so far.  He is such a joy filled loving man and very funny.  Listening to his English class on CD in the car is so awesome.

Samuel has a natural way of relating to everyone and he and Leah were having a good time in the car playing “coche amarillo”.  Big Poppi doesn’t know the difference between green and yellow.  Yoooo!

Big Poppi is an impression in his love for everyone, attention to our role at camp with each other and the kids.  His enthusiasm is awesome and infectious.  He is my brother in Christ and I can clearly see and feel is love for me and everyone around him.

Working stations with Leah has been great.  Today, though, I took over one station with the older kids.  I also called Sajid over to help translate.  It ended up being hard today because Leah and I didn’t have a translator but it worked out.  I did feel bad because Sajid stayed with me and Leah went with Aaron.  Today Alexander asked me my name as did Oscar, Raul, Iseal, and others.  Great day in connecting with all of the groups.  At the end, Christy had the kids give 5 coaches a high five and ask our names.  It was awesome to make eye contact with them and see their desire to relate to us and us to them.

The game went really well.  Great to see Christy coaching and see her alive in a new way.  Guys played well and reffing went well, too.  The other ref was great and both teams played fairly clean.  We took a big lead and kept playing hard which kept the other team paling hard.  A few kids played and that was great to see.

We went to the beach after the game and that was great.  Black sand!  We made a pyramid!  Awesome!  Leah continues to seek ways to attach her herself and love on everyone.  Great love is inside her, great enthusiasm for life and people.  Her Spanish is amazing.

Tonight the guys and I had a great time laughing and talking – about girlfriends, break-ups, pizza, and girls.  We talked about alcohol use and perspectives about that aspect offer walk and each of our lines.  The team is made up of guys and girls who love Jesus and are willing to be vulnerable to low and reach out and let people into their lives.  I have grown by being around them – even for this short time.  This had been very fertile ground for my soul.  Thank God for bringing Leah and I.  Jon asked me if I was having a hard time with leaving home at home because we had talked about that back home.  I realized that I haven’t had a hard time.  Today’s connections with everyone here have moved our team along.  I look forward to being used in a greater way. – Pat

Tenerife 2017 | Update 8 | June 24

Tenerife 2017 | Update 8 | June 24

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This morning, the team woke up semi- early to prepare for today’s recreational events. The team met at Gabi and Andre’s for breakfast once again, where were served eggs, peach streusel, cereal, muesli, coffee and plenty of other delightful breakfast foods. After indulging in breakfast, each person made their own bocadillo and “lunch bag” to take with them on their excursion. Once the lunches were packed, we split into our two groups before heading out on our excursions.

The first group, which consisted of 7 female team members, headed to Loro Parque (similar to Sea World) for the day. They enjoyed a great time of fellowship together as well as the opportunity to observe the greatness of God’s creation through the various creatures. Rumor has it that everyone made it through the bird exhibits without any un-expecting surprises.

The other group of team members embarked on the “Masca” hike. The group consisted of about 20 team members. We started at the top of the Masca village and hiked down the strenuous trail to a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Along the hike, there was great fellowship, laughter, sweat, blood, goats and rocks. Lots of rocks. Over the course of two and a half hours, our group weaved down the ravine to the beach below. Rumor has it that Joey sacrificed a part of his bocadillo to a bird who unexpectedly snatched a piece of bread out if his hands.  At the bottom of the ravine, there was a rocky area where you could sit and enjoy the view of the ocean. There was also a stone dock located along the beach, where “express boats” would dock to pick up and drop off people for the Masca hike. When boats were not coming in and out of the dock, we were able to jump off the dock into the water. The water was a clear, vibrant blue with a good level of saltiness to it. Members from our group would jump off the dock, swim around to the ladder, climb up the dock and repeat the process again. With the hard work behind us, the group swam, ate lunch, and hung out together. Many videos and pictures documented the jumping, flipping, and diving into the water. Around 4:30, our group loaded up on one of the express boats to head back to town. It was a quick ride, lasting only 15 minutes; however our group enjoyed the time at sea. Upon our arrival in town, we waited to be picked up by our chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs then drove us to our respective houses and dropped us off to shower and clean up for the evening’s event.

Close to 8:00PM, we arrived at El Guanchinche Talegazo as a group. Our large group of 30 sat at one table, sharing various foods, conversations, and laughs. We enjoyed an herb bread, a garbanzo bean dish, papas fritas, cheese, chicken and more. The food was very enjoyable and the sweet fellowship was even better. Many pictures were taken and memories made as we enjoyed our time at the guanchinche.

Following our time of dinner, we headed back to our respective homes to get some good rest and prepare for tomorrow. With great anticipation, we look forward to what tomorrow will hold. – Reghan

Tenerife 2017 | Update 7 | June 23

Friday, June 23, 2017

The final day of camp at La Victoria and Puerto. The day began with breakfast at Andre and Gabbe’s house. That means I had coffee and whatever I could cover in Nutella. What better way is there to get going? Since our clinics weren’t scheduled until the afternoon, we took a shopping trip to Decathlon after breakfast. I was in Steve’s car and we drove with the windows down. At some point in the drive from there was a distinct moment when the temperature outside got hotter. Steve then educated us on how hot air and dust from the Sahara can be blown over the ocean into Tenerife, which is kind of cool, but also made me sweaty. At the end of our shopping excursion, some of us grabbed some Oreo shakes McDonald’s (which is much more high-tech in Spain than in the states). We ordered on a big touch screen. US McDonalds needs to step their game up. After lunch we headed out to our clinics. The final day with the kids in La Victoria was great. They brought a lot of energy to stations and it was evident at the end that we had done a good job connecting with them. When we left the clinic we met up at Natalie’s apartment for a youth event. One of my favorite campers (am I allowed to pick favorites?) who doesn’t know the Lord came with us. I was excited because he seemed very attentive while Aaron and Josh shared their testimonies. Later, Santa Ursula handed us our first loss. Fortunately, we kept our composure, and I believe we had a strong testimony in the way that we handled the loss. I guess we’ll know in heaven how much of an impact we had on the Santa Ursula team. To finish off the day was dinner at church and some much needed rest before the hike that was planned for the next day.  -Jon


Tenerife 2017 | Update 5 | June 21

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today was a long day.  We had to wake up earlier than normal (7:30am).  I had my usual breakfast (coffee, banana, bread with nutella, and yogurt).  We were all pretty tired.  We then had to go to Santa Ursula to do a clinic with the elementary school there.  It seemed like it would be lighter with regards to the kids, but eventually a whole swam of them came in at the same time.  It was funny because Leah started giving the sportsmanship thought of the day, but had to restart because all of the new kids came in.  That turned out to be a very good clinic.  The kids were very enthusiastic to learn which made it sweet.  After that, we came back to the church and hour our team time.  Pat and Sheri shared their testimonies.  I really enjoy those times of transparency an honesty.  Then, we had lunch and got to rest for a little bit before we had another clinic at 4pm.  This was also in Santa Ursula but this was for the actual camp.  I remember I had a good talk with Jorge at that camp.  He spoke decent english so we were able to talk pretty well.  All the kids seem so happy that we’re there for them.  Then, we had to rush over to Puerto de La Cruz for the last clinic.  That wasn’t nearly as tiring because they were good players.  So, I felt more like I could make the drills a little harder and really work the kids and make them better.  We then had dinner to finish off the night at the church.  The ladies who make the food are very sweet.  The culture is different from America (obviously).  I feel as though the relationships in Spain are much simpler than in America, meaning there isn’t any drama.  Everyone is gracious and understanding. – Josh


Tuesday, June 20

Today we went on a hike exploring the beauty of Tenerife.  At the end of the hike we went cliff jumping into the ocean.  During this time, Josh attempted a flip into the ocean and landed on his eye.  Hie eye swelled up as if he was punched in the eye.  We then continued clinics at the Santa Ursula and La Victoria.  I was at the La Victoria clinic and I could see all of the relationships being built between the coaches and the campers.  The clinics get more and more fun every day.  I enjoy spending time with the kids and seeing them improve their game.  After the clinics, we had our fist game against the La Victoria team.  Our team took a little bit of time to click but eventually we did and we pulled off the win.  After the game, we enjoyed one of the best dinners I have ever had and then we went back home and crashed to asleep.  -Jake