Costa Rica- Clarks Summit Men’s Soccer Team Update 3.9.17

Thursday, March 9


The morning didn’t start quite as early today. However, we were still on the road by 6:30. Today we had the opportunity to go to a prison to play soccer games against two groups of inmates. The two groups consist of 12-15 young men. The Push The Rock Costa Rica staff works with both of these groups every week. It was great to have the opportunity to go and be an encouragement to the inmates we were playing against. The first game was close at first and then we started pull away. We eventually ended up winning by a few goals. The next game was a lot closer. The inmates scored the first goal of the game and it was a struggle for our team to get any offense going through the game. Finally, late in the game we scored a goal to tie it at  1-1 and that’s how the game ended. After both games, our team had the opportunity to share a testimony. Our prayer is that God will water the seeds that were planted today.

We then left the prison to head back to AMCA for lunch. As we were driving, we noticed that traffic was really heavy and then we started to see smoke in front of us. As we sat there, the emergency crews started to arrive and then we started to see flames. We ended up turning around and taking a different route. However, we did find out later that there were no major injuries or casualties. We finally made it to AMCA for a quick lunch and then we were out the door again. We were going back to the school we worked with on Monday. As we go close to the school, we saw smoke coming from the school. We found out that a fire had been started in a field on school property. The kids were being picked up by there parents so our clinic was canceled. While were disappointed that we weren’t able to run the clinic, we were glad that there were no injuries.

We finished the day with dinner and Team Time. While the day was a bit unique with some of it’s challenges, we were glad for the time in the prison. We were also glad that there weren’t injuries in either fire.We will continue to pray about the people impacted by these fires.

 Mike for the Costa Rica Soccer team

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