Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.24.19

Everyone woke up feeling much better than the night before, including a couple who were struggling a little with some health issues. Nattie walked us to the neighborhood bakery for a great breakfast before church. Our morning worship at CED was a moving experience for us all. We were blessed that they had an interpreter for us. The message was about Zechariah being led by the Spirit and not getting stuck in  a routine or tradition.

After church we went to the mall for lunch where some of the people from church went too. After changing our money we did some shopping for souvenirs at a different location (market), then went to buy supplies for baskets. Some of us hung out at the shopping center and ate ice cream while waiting, and waiting some more. It took longer because the measurements for lumber are different than in the U.S and they didn’t have everything we needed so had to adjust. We went back to AMCA for supper, had team time with Craig leading devotions which was an intro to the 10 commandments, then testimonies from Bret and Brandon.  After that we put a plan into place for the next day and headed to bed excited about getting to work!

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