Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.26.19

The morning started out pretty much the same as Monday, with some of the team at the park and some at the school. At the school, we had 3rd and 5th graders. Again, the kids were eager to learn about disc golf. We also had one of our team give a short talk on determination. After our time at the school, we headed over to the park only to find out that permission had not yet been granted so we waited…and prayed. In the meantime, basket-making was well underway. When the hole placement was finally approved, the guys headed out with shovels, hole diggers, and pick axes… only to find out the ground was too hard to go deeper than 10 inches in most places and they actually hit concrete or gravel because the site is a former concrete “factory.” So the guys quickly came up with Plan B and made some adjustments to the bottom of the basket posts so they would still be stable in shallower holes. We had to leave before completing the project because we had a clinic scheduled at another park. Upon our arrival there, at a sports complex, Jim was approached by the sports director who told him of their desire to put in baskets/courses at other parks around the city. The clinic we held in the park was attended by the pastor’s family and a few people from other mission agencies. They were all very enthusiastic and we had a great time. We were all exhausted and hungry after a long day and went back to AMCA for a late supper, team time, and bed. We’re looking forward to what the rest of the week holds!

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