Costa Rica Disc Golf Trip Update – 2.28.19

This morning was the big tournament we’ve been anticipating all week. Three bus loads of 5th and 6th graders arrived at the park one at a time, so while waiting for all of them to arrive, we played with the kids already there inside a nice air conditioned building.  They had fun teaching us hand clapping games and helping us with our Spanish.
When everyone had arrived we were introduced and Jim spoke for a few minutes and showed a video about Eagles Wings. The park staff warmly thanked us for coming. We proceeded with a skills clinic and an opportunity for them to play some of the holes. There were 75 kids and adults who participated. They were so excited to hear that they got to keep the disc they played with. A church planting pastor that we invited came with 2 of his kids. He intends to use the new course as a discipleship tool so we gave him 30 discs to get started.
In the afternoon we invited the park staff and people from other mission agencies to participate in a time of learning disc golf. We also talked with some people who just happened to be in the park and seemed interested. We were able to bless everyone with discs and t-shirts. The park director made special arrangements to meet with us and is very supportive of what we’re doing and interested in hosting tournaments. She told us how glad she is that we chose their park, and Jim’s reply was that God brought us together. It was thrilling to see the course come alive today and we look forward to seeing how God will use it for His glory. So many people are interested…I can imagine the ripple effect it will have in Costa Rica.
After supper tonight we had our team time with devotions about the 4th commandment on keeping the Sabbath, which led to some good discussion. Bret and Jenelle shared testimonies. It’s been so good getting to know each other during those quieter and more serious times. People are being transparent, which requires trust. This is drawing us closer. And then there are the lighter, fun times, like celebrating birthdays and walking to get ice cream. Last night was Jim’s birthday with cake and ice cream, and tonight we celebrated Chris’s with a pinata for his 40th. Instead of swinging  a stick, he threw a disc. Lots of laughs! Looking forward to our day off/fun day at the canopy and hot springs tomorrow. I predict a lot of sleeping on the bus as we leave at 6 a.m.
Hasta manana

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