Costa Rica-Disc Golf Trip Update 3/19/17

Yesterday was full of adventures for the team! As the week wound down and the course successfully launched, we were able to have a little fun before we headed home. Early Saturday morning, we made the three-hour trek to take a canopy tour and soak in the hot springs in La Fortuna.

The canopy tour was incredible! We ate a delicious breakfast at the canopy cafe and then readied ourselves to fly high above the trees. Altogether, there were 12 zip lines, one rope swing, and the final cable stretching a half a mile across with the rider facing down. They call it, “The Superman.” If you’ve ever wanted to know what flying feels like, we know a good place in Costa Rica!

The rest of the day was spent at Baldi Resort and Spa in La Fortuna. We ate lunch with an incredible view of the active volcano and then spent a few glorious hours soaking up the sun & Vulcan spring water. There are many pools at Baldi, the top-most ones being heated by the volcano. The lower you go in the resort, the cooler the waters. It was a relaxing way to wrap up the week.

The team is now on the way home. We’ve got a seven-hour layover in El Salvador. So far this morning, we’ve taken the time to pray together, recap and share some of the incredible lessons that we’ve learned this week. Please continue to pray for us as we spend our final hours together as a team and take the last leg of our journey home.

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