Costa Rica – Disc Golf Trip Update 3/16/17

This morning the team woke up early and after a quick breakfast started the journey to La Reforma, a large prison outside of San Jose.  We did two different clinics for groups of 15 boys at a time.  While we were in a soccer field surrounded by barbed wire, and armed guards the clinic went great.  Our team did an excellent job teaching and interacting with the boys.  It was really cool to see their smiles when they made a good throw or hit a putt.  One of the team members gave a passionate testimony at the end making sure they knew we cared deeply for them.  One of the boys shared with us, through a translator, how much he appreciate us taking the time to come.  Again the Push The Rock Costa Rica staff was surprised that they did not ask to play soccer, and that some even asked if they could play again in the future!

In the afternoon we all went to the course to complete our work there.  The baskets were completed which was a great answer to prayer!  All the tee markers and tee signs were installed and the course looks great.  We did not have all the tools we hoped for, so there is still things we would like to see get done, BUT there is a beautiful course in the ground.  We had a few baskets in the ground as we worked and park-goers kept stopping to ask what they were, and curious kids would go up and play with the chains.  We have spent a lot of time praying for the course and hope that you will do the same.  Our pray is that it would become a great tool for ministry in this community, and would allow our missionaries here to share the love of Christ in this unique way.

One of the greatest things about the trip has been our “team times” together.  Each night we get together to talk about the day, study 1 John, pray and worship together.  It is really clear that God brought this group of people together for this purpose as the personalities, and skill sets have worked together perfectly.  Almost all of the team members are thinking through what ministry looks like for them in their personal lives and it is really exciting to think about the potential this group has to share Christ in the disc golf community.

Tomorrow is a big day.  We will be doing a course opening event where we will be teaching and playing the course with the community.  Many people have been invited so we are hoping for a large turnout.  We look forward to sharing more with you about this tomorrow!

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