Costa Rica – Disc Golf Trip Update 3/17/17

Short update tonight as we had a busy day and evening.  In partnership with Students International we did an event at the course to officially introduce it to the community.  We had about 165 people there with a big majority of them being kids.  165 people over 9 holes is not an easy thing to facilitate, but the team worked very well with our friends from SI, and we ran a great event.  Everyone had a blast and it was a great way to end the week.  After the kids left we had lunch and played a round with some of the SI and Push The Rock staff.  We hoped to show them how fun disc golf can be, and to teach the game more in depth so they could teach others to play.  It was a blessed time and we now pray the course will be used to further God’s Kingdom.

In the evening we stopped at a market to do some shopping, and had a great dinner together.  It was a nice end to an extremely busy and productive week.  We had a great time together this evening studying, sharing and worshiping.  Now we head to bed to prepare for an early morning where we will leave at 6:00 am.  Tomorrow we will be going on a canopy zipline tour, followed by a visit to the hot springs in Baldi.  We will share more about that tomorrow!  Check out pictures from our big course event here:

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