Costa Rica Houghton Trip Update 5.15.17

It is already day two and most of our team is almost fluent! Okay, not quite, but many of them are doing a great job of practicing their spanish. Today consisted of waking up, having some delicious fresh fruit and Costa Rican pancakes, and getting ready for our first match. We left for our first match at 9:30 am and arrived at the University of Costa Rica. We waited  about 45 minutes until the University team got ready and came to the field. We have quickly learned that things do not always start on time, and that has helped us to quickly learn how to be flexible. The game started off quite “cool” for Costa Rica standards, but extremely humid and later got a lot sunnier. It was a well fought game, but in the end the University of Costa Rica defeated us. The Push The Rock staff shared why we were here and then one of our players shared his testimony. He shared about how he used to only play for himself, but now he plays for Christ and for eternity now, which caught the other teams attention. After his testimony we prayed together and took pictures. One of the players asked to talk to that Houghton player and told him he is a Christian as well. They got to have an encouraging conversation, and then we were off to lunch. After lunch, the Push The Rock staff explained how we will be running a track and field event for four schools. That is one of the many things we are very excited about. We then got to rest up, have dinner, team time and sleep! Tomorrow will be an early morning.


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