Costa Rica Houghton Trip Update 5.16.17

Today we woke up, grabbed our breakfast to go, and headed to our first soccer clinics at Linda Vista (beautiful view) school. We had to go up some very steep hills to get to the school and we quickly noticed why they call it Linda Vista. We had seven different groups of kids, 176 total, from grades one to six, for 40 minutes each. Seven different coaches shared their testimony during the day, and the kids got to see how God has and is currently working in their lives. We got to see kids laughing and smiling just because we were willing to play with them, which was definitely a refreshing experience for us. After spending most of our day at Linda Vista, we went back for lunch, then to another school called Los Cuadros, where we ran an hour long soccer clinic. It had rained most the day, so the outdoor gym at Los Cuadros was flooded, but after some great teamwork, we were able to have a somewhat dry area.  After the clinic, we went back for dinner and straight to our match against Olympia football club. On our way to the field, we saw a lot of lightening and thought we would have to cancel the game. After waiting a good while, the playing conditions were safe and we played a great game, which turned into a 2-1 win. Our goalie shared his testimony and we left for home after a very long day!


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