Costa Rica MWS Trip Update 5-11-12

We had some internet difficulties last night and were unable to get an update posted, so today we’ll try to play catch up!

Friday we woke up to a beautifully sunny day after some much needed rest.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of eggs and fresh fruit before hitting the road at 8am to head to our first clinic.  The team was full of energy as they serenaded the bus as we drove through San Jose to the school where we’d spend the morning.  We arrived a bit early, so that gave us time to prepare our stations and get organized for the day.  As we walked through the gate and into the school, all the children became so excited!  We could see them all staring out the windows with big grins on their faces, just waiting to be told it was time to ‘play’!

A little after 9am we began the clinic with the first group of students, the youngest ones at the school-ages ranging from 3-6.  It was a great time of Pato Pato Ganso(Duck Duck Goose) and other various games that they enjoyed as they rotated through the several stations the team was leading.  Then came the older group!  While the  younger group was full of energy, the older children were equally excited,  many of them ready to ‘show off’ their soccer skills in the various stations.  It was a fun morning to say the least as we were able to spend time and energy loving the kids, no matter their abilities.

Several of our team members shared their testimonies with the children who were ready to listen to what we had to say.  It’s amazing how they are so ready to listen after simply spending some time with them.  Our prayer is that if they remember one thing from the day, it wasn’t the soccer aspect, but the love of Christ that brought us there!  Before leaving the 5th grade class treated us to a song- “How Great is Our God.”  We all joined in with them, and it was a humbling way to end the morning there, but a great reminder that we do indeed serve a GREAT God!

After a eating our packed lunches, we were back on the road to school number two.  Our second stop of the day was a stark contrast to the first.  This school was in a rougher section of town, and that was reflected in the children’s behavior.  They kept us on our toes for sure, but the team did a great job of still letting His love shine through the teaching and the interaction.  Despite the long day, and more demanding circumstances, the team showed great energy once again.  Those scheduled to share their testimonies here did a great job again and then our time was finished almost before we knew it as school had ended for the day and parents arrived to get their children.

We packed up and climbed back  into the bus, heading back to the house…but not without a much needed stop at POPS!  POPS, to our current knowledge, has the best ice cream in the world!  The team deserved a treat after the long day, and then it was back for some rest and showers before dinner.  After dinner we had Team Time where we discussed “Living With Purpose,” and how our day to day lives are to impacted by our goal to bring HIM glory through all we do.  How does our life as a believer reflect that? How does it change our motivation?  What distracts us from this focus?  It was a good time of discussion and openness, and after closing in prayer, we scattered off to various tasks like ab-work outs, planning for tomorrow, and cleaning up some unwanted water we had on the floor!(it’s a long story!)

It was a great day to begin our time here, and we are so thankful for your prayers as we serve here in Costa Rica.  We’ll continue to do our best to get updates out, and pictures up(check!

Muchas gracias!

The Team

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