Costa Rica MWS Trip Update 5-13-12

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who may be reading this!

We began our day with some extra sleep, which never hurts!  We didn’t have to be ready to head out of the house until 8:45 am so we all enjoyed the extra rest…though the birds make it tougher to sleep in for some of us!  Anyway, the ‘slower’ morning was a nice break for all of us, and when the bus pulled up, we piled in and headed to the church we are working with.  They served us a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit, and then gallo pinto, a traditional Costa Rican meal of rice and beans.  It is humbling to be so appreciated before we had even arrived, to the point where they serve us an amazing meal and treat us with such high regard.  We truly felt welcomed and at home like they asked us to feel.  After our breakfast we headed into the sanctuary for the beginning of the service.

The service began with an unbelievable time of singing.  The passion and energy was contagious.  Most of the team commented that even though you may not understand the words, it doesn’t change the feeling of the spirit moving.  The Lord works across all languages, and the same in all people.  It was so great to be able to share this time with our brothers and sisters in this church body.  We were then invited to sing, and the team did a great job!  The coaches/leaders decided to let the girls shine in this moment, so they took pictures and video, seriously, someone needed to get footage:)

The pastor shared his message from James 4:4-10 and challenged us all to stop trying to live as part of this world and also as Christians.  Instead he offered that we need to ‘sell out’ for Christ.  We MUST be different, there has to be a transformation that takes place when Christ enters our life.  We can’t live 100% for Him if we are still striving to keep a foot in the ‘world.’ (The church was kind enough to translate the sermon for us!)  At the end they also shared a humbling thank you to our group, a word of thanks to us for coming and being part of the ongoing ministry here.  They also prayed a special prayer for us as we go through the rest of the week.  We were so grateful to have had the opportunity to worship together with this church.

We then headed to a local mall for lunch, which clearly included POPS(for most of us) and then stopped at the National Soccer Stadium for a few photos before heading back to the house.  The girls wanted to go for a walk so we headed out and walked around for a while, chatting and taking pictures.  We passed a park where there was some open area to play, and after being inspired by some others playing soccer, the team decided to head back to the house, change, and go play!  It was a great time together, and though the field was anything but ideal, it was a fun and relaxing time.

Back at the house we had dinner(lasagna!) and then Team Time.  Our leader of the night shared about our purpose of being “Created for God’s Family,” as we discussed the importance of this aspect of our Christian faith.  The posse is heading to bed now, as we have a busy day tomorrow!  Thanks again for all your prayers!

Hasta manana!

The Team

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