Costa Rica MWS Trip Update 5-14-12 Part I


It’s been an amazing day thus far to say the least.  We just returned from a busy morning and afternoon of clinics and are eating a quick snack, especially the girls, before heading out to our first game!  Needless to say, the team is very excited. We’ll get back to you later tonight with those results.

This morning we went to the first school of the day to work a clinic with about 60 fourth graders.  We split them up into four different groups and had them rotate through stations, before then dividing them up to play some small sided games.  We were also able to have 3 of our team members share their testimonies, and again, all did a fantastic job.  The 60 or so children seemed a bit more like 100 at times, but all did a great job in demonstrating patience and love, which of course is key!  After a few hours at the school, and lots of pictures and autographs signed, we headed to a park to eat our packed lunch.

We sat in the shade and relaxed for a few minutes while refueling our energy stores, and then it was off to the next school.  We were told that we would have about 120 children, with ages ranging from 7-12, and that there would be a small grassy area to use!  Our minds were working in overtime to come up with a creative ‘solution’ to the situation, and coach did a great job of just that.  We did a little skill exhibition from several of the players, and then had some of the children show off their skills.  After a few competitions for the children to enjoy, we ended with a game of ‘Gauntlet,’ which could best be described as organized chaos but it served as a neat opportunity to also share about how being honest when playing the game is of utmost importance.

The kids loved the day, and again the team showed tons of love and energy, despite the long morning, and having a game in just a few more hours.  Two of the team members shared their testimonies, and the children did a great job listening.  They were an energetic group, and it was a pleasure to be there.  The school organized a quick snack of fresh pineapple for us before we headed back to the house, where we are currently gearing up for tonight’s match!

We’ll be back later to fill you in from there!  Thanks for your prayers!

The Team

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