Costa Rica MWS Trip Update 5-15-12

Another glorious day!

We all slept as late as possible today(6:30), all were tired from the long day before. Again, some of the group had the pleasure of waking up to tropical birds chirping…though they may not describe it as just that!

But today there would be plenty to do again, so we loaded up our energy at breakfast before heading out for clinic number 1 of the day.  This group was mostly first to third graders, all from a local school.  PTR, the school, and another Costa Rican non profit are working together in this part of the city in a joint effort to bring hope and love into the youths’ lives here.  We were blessed to have a role in just that.  Both a counselor from the school, and an employee of the non profit stopped by the field to express their gratitude and thanks to us.  The school counselor, as she left, said something to the effect of this:  “Its great to be working together. But what is most important of all, is that you are teaching them about the love and message of Jesus Christ!”  Amen, and amen.  Again, we feel blessed to even have the opportunity to support the ongoing work here, and are humbled to be welcomed so warmly by so many people here.

The second session was a group, again from the school, of fourth to sixth graders.  This group was pretty talented, and listened very intently.  It was a great way to end our clinics here in Costa Rica for this trip.  The team did a great job through out the day interacting with the children and teaching them the various skills of the day, but most importantly, showing by their actions and smiles that it was the love of Christ that brought us here.  We had 4 team members share their testimonies today, in addition to coach sharing about the importance of sportsmanship  and character.  We can only hope and pray that if they remember anything from the day, it had little to do with soccer, and lots to do with the love of Christ.  The great thing about this group of kids today is that every Tuesday they come to this field to meet with PTR Costa Rica volunteers to receive instruction and a positive and uplifting message.  Hopefully we have helped the effort, even in some small way.

We were grateful that despite the ominous clouds, the rain held off for our clinics!  In fact, not 3 minutes after loading back into the bus, the rain began.   Some would argue it was pure coincidence, but we will choose to believe that HE was watching out for us!

POPS was a mandatory stop on the way home for a late afternoon snack, and a much deserved thank you to the team for their hard work in the past few days. We got back to the house, cleaned up, and had Team Time. Coach led the discussion about being “Created to Become Like Christ.”  We discussed the term growth, and what that means, as well as what characteristics we think of when we think about Christ.  The list was lengthy, and we know we will never succeed at perfection…but we don’t have to!  That’s the great thing about grace and forgiveness.

Then we were off to church again for the mid week service.  It was an encouraging time once again being with our Costa Rican brothers and sisters to worship.  The pastor then continued to challenge us saying that as believers, our encounters with Christ will bring about transformation.  It was a great follow up to our Team Time discussion of becoming more like Him!

We ended the night with dinner back at the house.  The team was happy to have pasta, as they were loading up for the second game of the trip tomorrow!  We will also be doing some painting at  a local school, and heading into a local juvenile detention center where PTR Costa Rica has been working for the last couple years.  Please pray for the team, for safety,  for the girls who will be sharing their testimonies, and those that will be listening.

Thanks again! New pics from the day are up on the PTR Facebook page, and we”re working on the clinics video highlights, so stay tuned!

The team

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