Costa Rica MWS Trip Update 5-17-12 Part II

We made it safely to our beach destination!  By the time we made it here, it would be fair to say we were all plenty ready to be out of the bus and in the ocean…which is where most of us headed as soon as we found our rooms.  It is such a blessing to be able to relax here in the beauty of HIS creation, and enjoy a little time together with out such a demanding schedule.  It certainly is a beautiful beach here on the Pacific ocean, and the water has to be in the low 80s. The sand is black(not tar black, but very dark) which most of us have never seen  before.

After some hours at the beach, and for some of us the swimming pool, we ate dinner together and then enjoyed Team Time under the stars, while far off lightning lit up the night sky.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Costa Rica, it’s hard to believe our time is coming to an end.  After spending the  morning here at the hotel, and making the most of our beachfront, we’ll make our way back to San Jose for our last night in Costa Rica.

But not without stopping for some coffee to take back to the US with us!

Buenas noches!

The Team

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