Costa Rica update #1 March 10, 2013

We are safe, sound, and tired in Costa Rica. It was quite a long ride for the Messiah team as it took them about 5 hours to get from Messiah to the airport. One blessing in disguise was the trek through NYC. Normally we travel around the city to avoid the traffic and hubbub of the city, but not today. Saw the Statue of Liberty up close and wandered through Chinatown and past the 9/11 memorial before making our way to the airport. It was a glorious day for a drive the airport, if nothing else.

We got checked in and settled in with enough time to grab lunch before boarding. We were all under the impression that a movie was going to accompany the 4:45 minute ride to Costa Rica. The TVs were lowered and the magazine told us we were getting something, but it was all a ruse. Nonetheless, it gave the team more time for sleeping, reading, and interacting.

We were met by our PTR CR hosts and our driver, who drove us up the mountain to the place we are staying. This place sits up on the mountainside and overlooks the city. It is beautiful! We got settled in, grabbed a snack, and are now ready to hit the sack. Looking forward to a great night’s rest and a great day at church! Hope the 1 hour less in sleep does not cramp your style too much. We will be going from 1 to 2 hours behind you on the East Coast.

Thanks for praying for us and following along as we keep you updated here.

!Buenas noches!

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