Costa Rica Update #2 – 8/2/10

Buenas Tardes!

 We are so blessed to be here in Costa Rica serving the church and serving our Savior. Yesterday morning we had the privilege of worshiping with our Costa Rican brothers and sisters. It is such a vibrant church, full of praise and joy for our incredible God. The team was asked to sing for the church which so we gladly humbled ourselves to try our best to bless the church through a song. Pastor Don G taught from 1 Samuel 15 where we were challenged that “almost to obey, is to disobey.” Later that night when we met for team time we studied Acts 9 and our commitment to Christ. Here we took Pastor’s challenge and applied to our own study: “almost to commit, means to NOT commit.” Our goal this week is not to almost commit but to fully commit to the work God has for us.

 This morning we ran a soccer clinic at the “Roble Alto” foster home. The home includes kids who’s families cannot support them and kids who have no families at all. Today is a holiday in Costa Rica so those kids who have families went to be with their families. That left twenty kids who had no families to go to. We were able to go and be their family for the morning, to run a clinic for them, play a game with them, sing songs with them, have fun with them, and love them. At the end of the clinic one of the coaches shared with the kids about how God loves each of them, that He is absolutely trustworthy, and He promises to always be there for us. People we love may go away, but God never goes away. After the clinic the team brought out the silly bands and the kids were just as excited over the silly bands here in Costa Rica as they are in the United States. If the silly band craze has not reached San Jose yet, I think it may have just started.

Tomorrow we will run a marathon of clinics in one of the local schools in San Jose and conclude the evening with a friendly match against local high school team. In each of the clinics the kids will hear the Gospel message from Nattie, our host from the CED church and will hear a testimony from one of the coaches. At the game, one of the coaches will also share a testimony with the other team.

We have been encouraged so far with how God is blessing this team, going before us, clearing the skies of rain, giving us strength, energy, and good health. Please continue to pray for us and those who will hear the message of the Gospel through our words and actions.

On behalf of the team, thank you for the prayers you have lifted up for us. God hears!

For the team,


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