Costa Rica Update #2 March 15, 2010

One of the best parts of the trip is always the worship service in one of the partnering churches. This morning we were at CED, which is one of Push The Rock’s main partnering churches in Costa Rica. We have developed a fantastic relationship over the past 4 years!

We were grateful for the opportunity to sleep in before heading over to the church for breakfast. They fed us like kings as we had fruit, gallo pinto (rice and beans) and cheese, and pancakes. It was not so much the food, which was excellent, that blessed us, but the wonderful hospitality they demonstrated to us. The Pastor shared a bit of his personal testimony and more about the ministry of the church during breakfast. During the service we spent the first hour in praise and worship through songs, after which the team sang two songs, both in English and Spanish. The church really loved and appreciated that!!! Then two team members shared how God has been at work in their lives and how God is presently working in their lives. In the sermon the Pastor focused on keeping our minds pure, and what that looks like. Each one of us was greatly challenged, yet encouraged by our time together in the house of the Lord!

After the service we headed to the mall for lunch with a number of people from church. The mall looked like any other mall we have been to, but it was great to mingle with the people and get to know them better. Some opted for rice and beans and more typical food, while others found Pizza Hut, Quiznos and Subway. We truly live in a global economy!

We went straight to the National Gymnasium right after lunch for our match against the champions for the “High School” division of Central America. Interestingly enough, a number of them were absent because there was a beach volleyball tournament going on today. So they supplemented the team with some top division players. Needless to say, the team ended up being VERY good. We played for close to two hours with them and enjoyed a time of fellowship and sharing testimonies afterwards. They seemed to be very receptive and enjoyed leafing through the sports NT they were given. We may never know if our words or actions impacted them in some way, but we are confident that the Word of the Lord never goes out and comes back void. We are praying that each of those ladies will begin to read through these Bibles and find ONE TRUE GOD!

We had a couple of hours before dinner, so we went to another mall and walked around and enjoyed coffee and ice cream. It was nice to relax and hang out as a team before the hectic week of clinics begin. But we are super excited about going into schools and having an open door to share the Gospel. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would begin working in their hearts even now.

We returned home for dinner and our study of Commitment through Acts. Tonight we took a look at Saul’s conversion experience to Paul on the road to Damascus and the aftershocks of that transformation. What a great reminder of God’s saving grace in our lives!

Speaking of aftershocks, there was a tremor here last night around 11 pm. They have been having quite a few of them lately, and the latest one hit last night. We have an early morning and a long day tomorrow, but we are thrilled to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Costa Rica! As you go about your Monday, thanks for praying for us!

Blessings in Christ,

Chico Schlonecker

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