Costa Rica Update #3 August 4, 2010

Hola Amigos!

Currently we are in the middle of our third day of clinics and so far God has blessed each clinic, going before us, filling each of us, and working in and through our time with the kids.

Yesterday, we spent all day at a private school doing clinics with four different classes, grades 3-6. Some of the kids came with great excitement, others a little more timid. However, it only took a little encouragment and a few good cheers with the kids to get them all pumped up and by the end, all of the kids were having fun. Nattie shares the gospel to each group as they rotate through stations and she shared with me that one little boy came up to her after the station and asked how he could have Jesus live in his heart. Praise God, He is moving in the hearts of the kids!

Last night we had our first game. There was a little confusion in the beginning with a last minute change of location but God moved quickly and both teams were able to adjust and meet at another facility. The girls were a little anxious heading into the game as they learned that the team they would be playing qualified at the national level for their age bracket. However, the girls willingly embraced the challenge, went out and played hard and when the lights in the gym went out halfway through the game, the girls were winning 6-5! Due to a light failure, we had to end the game early and with weary legs from a long day, I’m not sure the girls were too dissapointed. However, before we left, one of the girls shared her testimony of God’s goodness, with the other team. We hope and pray, that God would grow the small seeds that our planted through these testimonies.

This morning, it may have been a struggle to get out of bed but the weary legs and tired eyes were quickly forgotten when we pulled up to the school and were embraced by over a hundred excited little chicos and chicas anxiously awaiting the soccer clinic and even more some love and attention. I was so encouraged by the way the team rose to the challenge. In a small location, with a large number of kids, God moved and our hearts were soon captured with the bright eyes and big smiles on each child. Amidst chaos, kids everywhere, soccer balls everywhere, dust and dirt flying everywhere, kids were loved, and seeds of the gospel message were planted. After the clinic, Nattie told me more stories of kids asking questions like, “How can Jesus live in so many hearts?” and one boy stating how happy he was to hear this story from the Bible.

Alabado sea Dios! Praise God for the work He is doing here!

Currently the team is enjoying some rest before the game tonight. Although weary at times and a few bruises here and there, God continues to bless us with good health. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we take on the second half of our week. Our desire is to bring more and more energy and enthusiasm to each clinic, to bring excellence to each opportunity, to give every kid our best. Pray also for our time together in God’ s Word as we continue to study what it means to be committed to Christ, to His work, and His Kingdom. Pray this time would be used to grow us spiritually, to bring us closer to Christ, and to motivate our efforts and attitudes throughout the rest of the week.

Gracias A Dios!

For the team,


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