Costa Rica Update #3 March 13, 2013

Buenas noches!

It is Tuesday night and we are finishing up our second day of clinics and matches. The days have been a bit busy, but they have been great! On Monday we had eaten breakfast and were out of the house by 7:15 in order to get to the clinic on time. One of the things about serving in San Jose is that it takes about 45 – 75 minutes to get to where you need to go, regardless of whether it is across town or around the corner. Count on 45-75 minutes. So our mornings are early and our evenings are late as we traverse the city several times throughout the day.

We had about 130 kids in the first clinic and they were all so eager to learn volleyball and hang out. A bilingual elementary school, the students spoke good English and even shared several presentations for us. In the afternoon we ran a clinic at a high school for 36 kids. These kids were a little more “cool” than the elementary kids, but no less excited about playing some volleyball. Several team members shared their testimonies and did a fantastic job!

The Central American Games are being held in San Jose, which is great for sports, but terrible for traffic. Nonetheless, we thought it was worth the extra effort to catch a volleyball match at the National Gymnasium. We watched the Nicaragua and Guatemala National teams duke it out before heading to our match against the Bank of Costa Rica. We did win the match 3-1, but it so much more about the fun and the interaction together. Those last longer than wins and losses! One of our players shared her testimony and God’s redeeming work in her life.

We got home and had Team Time, studying the life of Jonathan and his role as a “Game Changer” for the Lord.

This morning we went through the same routine before heading out on the bus at 7:15. We were at a school this morning of 3,000 students. Nattie and the PTR Costa Rica volunteers invest a good deal of time at this school each week, training these kids in various sports and sharing God’s Truth from the Bible. It was great to be a small part of that today as we ran several clinics for 150 kids. We like to call it “organized chaos.” Either way, the kids always love hanging out and learning. They were so eager this morning to play volleyball and to listen to the testimony of one of our players.

In the afternoon we were up in the mountains at a small private school where we had 50 kids in a small covered gym. It was nice to be protected from the sun yet outside. Most of these kids are part of a weekly volleyball program that a partnering ministry puts on. It was great to be able to encourage this group in sharing Christ through volleyball.

After the clinic we headed to the church for a snack and to put our feet up for a few minutes before our match with “San Jose.” This team was a mix of adult players with players from the National Champion high school team in all of Costa Rica. It was a fun match and the ladies played very well. More than winning the match, we won respect. We enjoyed a great time of interacting with the players a bit after the match and were able to share two testimonies. God is good!

We returned home soon after to a great Costa Rican meal of rices, beans, platanos, grilled chicken, and pasta salad. We certainly had our fill before Team Time, where we studied Esther and her courage in approaching the king to protect her people.

Bed time as tomorrow will be here soon. Thank you so much for your investment in our lives as you pray for us and think about us as we serve the Lord here in Costa Rica. Muy buenas noches!

On a side note, we are all enjoying the morphing of our white winterized skin into something much more red and “summerized.” It feels great to be out in the heat right now!

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