Costa Rica Update #4 August 7, 2010

Buenos terdes,

We have just returned to Los Pasos after our last day of ministry with the children.  The week has been very full but rewarding just the same. Yesterday we went to Ninos sin Fronteras  or Children without borders.  This facility is in a very poor section of San Jose.  The foundation provides medical services and food to kids and their families in the area.  We ran some clinics with about 60 children ranging in age from 2-12.  This wide range in age presented some challenges for the girls but they were creative and made it work.  We were all humbled by the conditions and felt extremely blessed to live in the United States in such an affluent area.  The afternoon we traveled to Fuente de Vida Church and Food Kitchen.  It was raining so we decided to just play a game of “Football” with the kids that showed up.  Yes, we were quite muddy but had a lot of fun. Nattie shared the word of God with the kids afterwards.  The Pastor there showed us his church and some of his vision for the future.  He would like to put a second floor on the church and put some cement on the floor so when it rains there isn’t mud everywhere.  This really made me think of how ridiculous we can be to have disagreements about the color of the carpeting that goes in the sanctuary..  Right now the church serves about 100 children and they would like to continue to bring in more of the children in the area.

Today we traveled to San Agustin Education Center.  This is a small private school with children from 3 years old to 3rd grade.  What a difference from the day before in the conditions of the facilities.  Apparently these children also helped to raise money for Push the Rock by selling cookies.  We ran a variety of clinics trying to keep it real simple for the 3 year olds and challenging  enough for the older kids. These children spoke some English so that made it a little easier.  The school showed such hospitality and we were blessed.  We then traveled  to the CONOBI  High School  to play a game of “football”  We won the game 9-1 but more importantly had a lot of fun. We were able to meet the girls afterwards and share a little about ourselves.  They were very friendly and exchanged e-mail addresses. Well tomorrow its off to the beach.  What a fast week!

For the team,


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