Costa Rica Update #4 March 14, 2013

Buenas noches!

Espero que todo vaya bien con Ud. Todo bien por este lado, gracias a Dios! We are indeed doing well and enjoying a great trip here! This morning we were at a school in a rough section of the city. The kids were great and enjoying learning some volleyball. The team has been fantastic investing in the kids all week. An added blessing at the morning clinic was the cloud cover and gentle breeze. It felt so great, especially on the sunburn:). We had more of an intimate group at this morning clinic because the kids were split up into two groups and there were a total of 40 kids in both groups.

Lunch was at a local park as we transitioned back to the school we were at Tuesday morning. It is in the same section of town, but this time we were returning to do a service project. We washed windows around the school and cleaned out the gutters throughout the school property. We had a great time together serving the Lord and serving this school through something other than volleyball. Plus, it was a great time of serving together!

We made the obligatory snack stop at the Musmanni bakery. Stopping there every day sounds fantastic, but not sure our bodies could handle that. Nonetheless, for a week, it is well worth it. From the bakery we headed to the University of Costa Rica, where we played a friendly match against the ladies. It was a fun and competitive match and the ladies played really well, pulling out a 3-1 victory.

The 3 team members who shared their testimonies today did a great job! It has been great how the Lord has lined up the testimonies to match perfectly with the respective clinics and matches. It has been great to hear the testimonies and observe what God is doing in the lives of each of the team members.

After the match we had the privilege of taking in parts of both the men’s and women’s team matches as a part of the Central American games. We really enjoyed being a part of Tico crowd! The men won their match but the ladies dropped their first set before we had to leave. When we got back home to our place we enjoyed a great dinner of fish, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and carrots. We have been eating quite well, for which we are very grateful.

Another late night and early morning, but thanks so much for praying! Tomorrow is our last day of clinics. We will be heading into one of the local prisons where Push The Rock Costa Rica has been involved for several years on a weekly basis. Thanks for praying for the team for partnering with us in ministry!

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