Costa Rica update…7.30.15 & 7.31.15


Playing "steal the bacon" with second grade students.
Playing “steal the bacon” with second grade students.

Today was another long day – it really felt never ending, not in a bad way, but every time we checked my watch it seemed like it should be so much later in the day. The local director picked us up at 6:00 am – that’s right, we were ready to go at 6:00 am. We had a slow drive through a lot of traffic to the private Christian school where we worked for the day. We spent the morning in a very nice covered gym playing dodge ball and soccer with two classes of seventh grade students. They understood and spoke English very well, so the girls were able to explain and run the activities. The school offered to give us lunch, so we ate a huge plate of pasta and garlic bread at 10:30 am. We then moved down to a small field to play with two classes of second grade students. The second graders needed a little more translation, but had a great time playing with the team. Each of us took a turn sharing our testimony with one of the four groups. By the time we left the school around 2:30 pm it felt like we had been there for days. We stopped by Pops – a favorite ice cream shop on our way back to AMCA where we had the house to ourselves. We had dinner, followed by Team Time devotions and a team member’s testimony. We chatted for a while until a cockroach scurried across the floor causing all of us to jump and scream. We were pretty beat and turned in relatively early. Thanks again for your prayers and following our trip! Pura vida!

Sharing with one of the seventh grade groups.
Sharing with one of the seventh grade groups.












A quick ice cream break in between games.
A quick ice cream break in between games.

After a very early and long day yesterday, our 7:00 am wake up call felt like sleeping in today. We went to a nearby public school and worked with the preschool and “transition” classes (3-6 years old). We had about 28 kids, so we split into two stations and played two games, stopped for a testimony and lesson from the local director, and then the kids had a snack break. We finished with one group playing a mini soccer game and the other playing a catch-concentration game. We went back to the church for one of my favorite Costa Rican dishes, “chifrijo” which stands for “chicharrones” (pork rinds) and “frijoles” (beans). In addition to those two main ingredients, it also includes rice, pico de gallo (fresh salsa), and avocado. After lunch we started our break in the week with the afternoon and weekend off. We headed into San José to the artisan market to shop for souvenirs. We were overwhelmed by all of the colors and crafts available. We also checked out a few other shops with locally designed goods. Finally we headed out to a late dinner at a typical restaurant where we enjoyed typical dishes including a “casado” (meat, rice, beans, salad), “patacones” (plantain patties – for lack of a better description – plus refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, and cheese for toppings), and “arroz con pollo” (rice, veggies, and chicken). The girls were exhausted before we went to dinner and by the time we were leaving the restaurant they were very sleepy. Tomorrow we will be leaving early to go zip lining and relax at the hot springs.

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