Costa Rica update…8.04.15

Lined up for the horse race.
Lined up for the horse race.

Today we were able to return to work with both the church’s preschool and the foster home that we visited earlier last week. It was great to reconnect and continue to build relationships with the kids. This time around instead of walking over to the field, we played games in the hallway at the church. Our activities included a horse race (with pool noodle horses), red light–green light and a game of soccer followed by penalty kicks.



IMG_2043A different team member shared her testimony, and then we concluded our time by relaxing a bit and watching an episode of The Magic School Bus in Spanish. We had lunch at the church and then headed out to the foster home. We again started with some free time and then organized a game of handball. We took a break to hear a testimony from a different teammate and then finished with a game of soccer. From the foster home we went to the director’s house for dinner. After dinner we could hear some loud music playing and were told that it was coming from the nightly Zumba class up the road. Naturally, the girls jumped at the chance to go, so we went up and participated for a little while. Back at our home we had Team Time and went to bed to rest up for our last day! It feels like we have been here much longer than we actually have and I can’t believe our time is almost over. We will visit our last school tomorrow and then start preparing for our transition home. Thanks again for your prayers and support! Pura vida!

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