Costa Rica Volleyball – 5.22.14 Update

Today was a full day!  It started off early and very late, but at the close of a long day, the team had only great things to say about all that took place!  We are truly thankful for the way our team has quickly bonded.  It is only day 2 and God is definitely moving in all of our different ministries.

We started the day at Costa Rica’s largest prison of 2,000-3,000 inmates.  PTR Costa Rica runs a soccer program 2 times a week with 2 sections of about 12 boys from the ages of 18-24 years-old.  This morning we held a volleyball clinic with each of the groups of young men.  Many had never played volleyball ever before and we were a bit nervous about getting them excited to participate.  They live to play soccer here.  Soccer is their religion.  All praise be to God that almost all got involved.  It was a wonderful sight to see people who have very difficult circumstances and lack little hope smile and laugh with us.  We are excited to return to the prison tomorrow to play them in their favorite sport … SOCCER!

In the late afternoon, the team held another clinic for a completely different group of participants.  The team worked with about 60 high school girls.  There were all different abilities among the girls and the large number of players in one gymnasium made the situation a little bit challenging, but the team adjusted well.  We are confident that the girls enjoyed their time with us because of the number of pictures we had to pose for afterwards.  They especially liked taking pictures with all the handsome men on our team!

Our day finished with the men’s first match.  Little did we know until we started that we were playing a club team that had 5 or so players from Costa Rica’s national team.  They had just returned from competing in Canada and placed 2nd in the tournament.  Needless to say, they were a very good team and won all 4 of our games, but the men played their hardest and enjoyed the experience of being able to compete with a team at that level.  For their first time playing together, they did very well and are now even more excited for the 2 remaining men’s games.

We are thankful for the opportunities the Lord has provided for us to serve here in Costa Rica.  With each different activity, we continue to be encouraged by the way God is leading and using us.  Thank you for praying!

CR vball mens 1st match

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