Costa Rica Volleyball – 5.25.14 Update

It is hard to believe that the volleyball team has been together now for 1 full week!  It is amazing how fast people bond when they come together for the specific purpose of ministry.  Many of the people we spend time with think we are all from the same place in the States and knew each other beforehand.  I praise God for this unity that is only possible through the working of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives.
We finally got to sleep in today!  It was much needed and the last time anyone will be sleeping past 7 until they return home.  We were blessed with the opportunity to attend the local church Push The Rock Costa Rica partners with.  It is always a unique experience to worship in another language.  The church provided a translator for the message which the team was very thankful for and we contributed to the service by singing Our God.
After church we headed to the mall to eat with members of the congregation.   We then all played soccer for 2 hours.  It was fun to spend most of our day with brothers and sisters in Christ who have a completely different language and culture than our own!  We may not have been able to fully understand and speak with each other, but our love for Christ is all that we needed to connect and develop relationships.
Monday morning we have a clinic in a bilingual elementary school that Push The Rock Costa Rica teaches gym classes at one day a week.  The team is looking forward to the opportunity to work with kids that understand English!  At noon we leave for Los Chiles, a very poor area of Costa Rica where we will connect with some local churches to do clinics in their communities.   This will be a completely different experience than working in San Jose, a very westernized city.  Los Chiles is rural area near the Nicaraguan border.  After enjoying a typical Costa Rican restaurant and stopping to visit a special spot known for its beautiful iguanas, we hope to reach our final destination around 6:00.
We will be staying at a small farm in the country and not have internet access until we return to San Jose late Thursday night, so there will be no updates until Friday.  Please continue to pray for the team and ministry we are doing.  Prayers for safe travels, health, and energy are always appreciated, but even more importantly, please pray for those we are ministering to.  May their hearts be receptive to the message of hope and love we share.

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