Costa Rica Volleyball trip update #5 January 1, 2012

Sunday January, 1st 2012

After our team time devotions and practicing our songs yesterday afternoon, we headed to the CED church for their New Year’s Eve service around 7:30.  They welcomed us warmly and seated us at a table near the front.  We were introduced to many members of the church, and they were all very welcoming to us.  They began the service with worship, and we enjoyed seeing how a different culture approaches worship.  After that, the pastor of CED gave his message, and they had a translator for us, which we really appreciated!  The translator did a great job both in what he said and how he said it.  It was like he was also preaching the sermon.  The pastor’s sermon was about finding our help from the Lord in order to become free from ourselves.  It was great to hear, especially right before the New Year.  We then enjoyed a skit put on by some of the members of the church.  Despite being in Spanish, most of us understood enough of the skit to find it funny and laugh along with the rest of the church.  After the skit, we were dismayed to find out that they remembered that we were going to sing a couple of songs for the church.  But even though singing may not be one of our strengths, we went up and did our best (and we were glad to be done).  We finished up the night with a great meal prepared by the pastor and a few other members and fellowship with each other and the church.  We had communion at midnight then had fun telling all the members “Feliz Ano Nuevo” or “Happy New Years”, for those who spoke English, while exchanging hugs.  Overall, the CED church did a great job at making us feel welcome, and we all agreed that this was an awesome way to start the New Year!

This morning, we woke up later than usual since we had a late night last night and had another good breakfast together at the AMCA house.  Then we started packing our stuff for our trip to Los Chiles.  Around noon today, we will be starting our 5 hour bus ride up north to Los Chiles.  Over the next 2 days, we will have 4 volleyball camps at 2 different communities.  We are looking forward to interacting with the kids there twice and hopefully being able to teach them a little more about volleyball.  On Wednesday, we will be doing a service project at the Resplandecer Farm, where we will be staying.  So far, we know this will probably include painting, but we don’t know what else we will be doing yet.  On Thursday, we will be going to the Baldi Hot Springs, doing a canopy tour consisting of multiple zip lines, and then returning to the AMCA house in San Jose.  We are all looking forward to the time up in Los Chiles.  Since Los Chiles is a rural and poor area, we will not be able to post another update while we are there.  We hope that you will continue to pray for us and look for our next update sometime Thursday night.


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