Costa Rica Volleyball update #10


Yesterday was our service day.  We helped Don Tony and Dona Rosa with a few projects around their house, the most significant being the new church they are building!  Don Tony and Dona Rosa have impacted countless people in their community.  They throw Christmas parties for literally thousands of children in the impoverished area of Los Chiles, they run a boarding school from their farm where they teach life skills (like farming alongside the academic studies), and they are currently organizing peace talks with two feuding people groups.  Our job today was cleaning the tropical and overgrown area where their chapel will be built.  The work was difficult but we were all happy to help.

Today was our fun day.  After saying our goodbyes to the folks at the farm, we spent the afternoon at the Baldi Springs.  Located at the bottom of a live volcano, the waterfalls, waterslides, and pools are naturally heated by the heat generated from the volcano.  It was awesome!  Afterwards we went on a canopy tour … a series of long zip lines flying through and over the trees.  That was awesome as well!

Now we are all pleasantly exhausted and ready to travel home tomorrow.  Thanks again for all of our prayers and we will see you soon!

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