Costa Rica Volleyball update #5

Monday 12/31

Today had a more relaxed feel, and this could not have come at a better time. The team for the most part was sore and drained from two full days of games and activities. We were able to sleep in, enjoy an extended time of testimonies, wrapped some christmas presents for a local ministry, and walked to a local park to hang out for the afternoon. The time at the park might have been the most enjoyable time thus far.

We arrived and set up volleyball a net beside a field where a casual soccer game was taking place. Next to the soccer field, skateboarders and basketball players and soccer players shared the concrete court. The people, like they have been everywhere, were warm and welcoming when a few of us asked to join their soccer game. They were also happy to let us jump in and play basketball with them. Later, a few of the team members played volleyball with some interested local people who were out enjoying the weather with their children. We did everything but try to skateboard because that would have probably ended with a wipeout and injury. We wore our Push The Rock shirts that have a Bible verse in Spanish on the back. This was a good conversation starter and even if we could not communicate, the people knew that we were all about Jesus.

Now it is time party at church! We are attending a New Year’s Eve church service at the local church where the Costa Rica Push The Rock members attend. Apparently, we are singing two songs so we need to go practice before we leave! Buenas noches y Feliz Ano Nuevo!


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