Costa Rica WSCA Update 3/14/17

We just got back from our 2nd full day of camp! For quick updates of our last two days, check out a picture and update on our Push The Rock Harrisburg Facebook page.

Today, we spent the day at Escuela Los Cuadros, a public school about 30 minutes from where we stay. For the first hour and a half, we had 2 groups of 1st-3rd graders come through. The second group that came through was 4th-6th graders, and for the last two hours of the day we had kids anywhere from 7th grade through high school. During these basketball clinics, we always start out with a sportsmanship thought given by one of the kids. A sportsmanship thought is basically a word that we want to focus on during that time, such as obedience, teamwork and enthusiasm. We then break up the students into 4 groups and send them to stations (passing, dribbling, rebounding/defense, and shooting) and our WSCA students lead 8-12 minute stations for each of the 4 groups. At the end of stations, we bring them all back together and have the opportunity to share a testimony with the group.

The team has been doing an awesome job leading stations, stepping up, and sharing sportsmanship thoughts and testimonies! One challenge we faced today that we didn’t yesterday was the language barrier. The students at Escuela Los Cuadros spoke very little English and we had to find other ways to communicate and show what they needed to do in each drill.

David, who works for Push The Rock Costa Rica and is with us for the week, shared that our clinics we ran at the school today were instrumental in their ministry. This is a school that they wanted to build a relationship with to start a weekly program. Because our team came to run a clinic for them and because the students at the school had a great time, and listened to what we asked of them, David and Push The Rock Costa Rica will now be starting a weekly program at Escuela Los Cuadros next week. It was exciting to help them in that way in their ministry here!

We have dinner and team time yet tonight. We have been sharing longer testimonies and studying 1 John during team time for the past few nights, and it is a great time to spend with the Lord and grow together! Thanks for all the prayers from home! Look for another update soon!

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