Costa Rica WSCA Update 3/17/17

This morning we had the chance to go into San Jose to shop at the market and see more of the city! We spent a lot of time going up and down the lines of shops in the market and picking out some souvenirs from Costa Rica. Everyone in the market wants you to come into their shops to look – “looking is free!” We ate lunch at a local Costa Rican restaurant right across from the market before we headed to our last time of ministry.

We headed to Zurqui, the juvenile prison, to spend a few hours there. We had a handful of boys from the prison come down to the gym to play soccer with us for a couple hours. David is in this prison every Friday. We opened the time with a word of prayer. David asked if any of the guys from the prison would like to pray, and one volunteered. This was exciting for them because it was the first time that one of the guys had offered to pray.

We went on to play many games of soccer. We split up the entire group into three teams and had some good games! We enjoyed our time with them, and we finished the time with Kyle sharing his testimony. The guys were very respectful and receptive!

We are excited to see more of Costa Rica tomorrow as we end our trip with a canopy tour and time at the hot springs. Costa Rica is beautiful and we are excited to see more of God’s creation.

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