Czech Republic update #2

News from Prague …

This morning at camp we had a break from the hot sun with some overcast skies and even a short drizzle. It didn’t last long but we enjoyed it while it lasted. The boys are enjoying baseball and are hopefully learning some too.  But above all, we pray that our actions and words are helping them understand how great our God is and how much He loves them.

In the afternoon sports camp we played 4v4 soccer, cone soccer, World Cup and 11v11 … we had lots of fun.  The sun and the heat did return for the afternoon.

Most of the kids do not know much about God, let alone that He wants to have a personal relationship with us through His Son Jesus. Pray that these kids will hear and see it in us.

Tonight we went to an international baseball classic game that is being held here.  We watched Russia vs the Czech Republic. Some of the kids from camp showed up as well.

We are all doing well serving here in the Czech Republic, so thanks for praying.

Scott for the team

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