Czech Republic update #4

July 10, 2012

Today was our second day of camp. While a bit warmer, the weather was great again to day. We had a bit of rain before camp and a fast moving thunderstorm after camp. God has really blessed us with amazing weather these first two days.

We started off the day with some stretching and throwing to warm up their arms. The kids had some sore muscles from the previous day but they seemed excited to be there.  The energy level of both our team and the kids was very high today. The coaches are excited to teach and the kids seem excited to learn. We stations in the morning and the afternoon that gave us an opportunity to teach specific baseball skills to small groups of kids. One of the favorites today was the broken bat station. We had 3 wood bats that were previously broken and taped back together. The kids got the chance to hit the ball with the broken bats. The goal of the drill was to teach the kids to run to first when the bat broke, instead of watching the back fly across the field. It seemed like the kids grasped the concept but we know the real reason they loved the drill. Kids love to break stuff! After stations, in both the morning and afternoon, we had the kids scrimmage each other. This time allows them to use the skills we’ve taught them during stations. It’s been great to see the kids use those skills while in game situations. It shows they are soaking up the things we are teaching them.

We also shared two sportsmanship challenges with them and one of the coaches shared a testimony.  We are excited to be able to share spiritual and life lessons with the kids. Please pray for open hearts as we share God with them. Please pray wisdom and the words to say for the coaches who will share their testimonies over the next three days.

After camp, we stayed at the fields and practiced a double play weave drill. We wanted to practice the drill before we demonstrated it to the kids. We all had a lot of fun with the drill and it turned into a good workout too.

This evening was very low-key. We went to dinner at a restaurant a few blocks from the apartment we are staying at. We finished the night with Team Time. Team Time has been a blessing for each of us as we have learned more about each other and God during these times.

We are excited to see what God has in store for us at camp tomorrow. Thanks for praying for us!

In Christ,

The team

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