Czech Republic Update #4

Going to camp today brought several areas of concern.  The fourth day of camp can sometimes be a challenge.  Kids are tired and are in need of the unexpected, so we as staff need to bring a high level of energy and excitement.  This happened in several ways today. Thankfully, the Lord blessed us with cloud cover and slightly cooler
temperatures. Yeah!  Also today Petrie, a church leader at CB Skalka, shared his testimoney.  The kids need to hear from someone they can relate to.  They also heard from Kyle, coach Mark’s son.  He shared a great testimony and was able to relate to them as a peer.

It’s hard to imagine that we only have one day of camp left.  At our Team Time (devos) tonight, we prayed that God would use us to plant a seed, or water a seed, or if He chooses, to harvest one. Either way we pray that all we say and do will bring honor to His name.

Thanks for praying.

Scott for the team

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