Sunday was a special day to have the opportunity to experience a church service in Costa Rica.  What an opportunity to worship alongside brothers and sisters in Christ who praise the same Lord and Savior, but in a different language.  It is always one of the favorite experiences of the teams that come.  We were warmly welcomed by the people of the church and afterwards we joined many of the members at the local mall to eat lunch together.   The congregation and pastor thanked us over and over for coming and helping them reach out to the local people.  We are extremely thankful for the church and their volunteers that have translated and served alongside us this past week.

In the afternoon we went to the artisan’s market in downtown San Jose to buy souvenirs.  We had a delicious meal and ended our day with team time and prayer.  Some of us participated in show-and-tell before bed to see what bargains we found in the market.

Monday was another full day of ministry.  After having the weekend free from clinics and games, we were more than ready to get back to work.  We passed the entire day teaching gym classes at a bilingual elementary school.   It was a nice break to not have to struggle with the language barrier as the students all speak in English.  Push The Rock Costa Rica has been working in this school for 4 years now and it is a blessing to have teams help continue the ministry with the students.  They are always asking when the next team is coming.

In about one hour, the Push The Rock Costa Rica board members will be joining us for dinner.  We are excited that they are honoring us with their presence and that we can share a meal together.  We will then end the night with team time, continuing our study in the book of Philippians.  Thanks again for your prayers!


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