DCCS Soccer #3

After a good nights rest and a wonderful breakfast, we headed off to soccer ministry in two communities around San Jose. Our first stop was at GPS church in the Tres Rios neighborhood. Pastor Michael grew up in this community and four years ago started a church.  They have about 40 people worshipping each week.  They are desiring to reach more of their community and have reached out to PTR to help them do that through sports.  The community has a concrete court for us to run soccer clinics.     We showed up only to find that the court had lots of water from a storm a few hours earlier.  So we found some tall green plants that we harvested to become our brooms.  Eventually the pastor found some brooms to finish it.  About 15 kids came and the pastor was excited to begin using sports to reach out to kids.  We had lots of fun and managed to keep the balls out of the “hole ” all but three times.  Nattie had a gospel station as we rotated and we finished with Kirsten sharing her testimony. After the clinic he took us to his church and shared about the needs his community has.  We are headed back there tomorrow to paint and fix up the church before running another soccer clinic. We returned to Amca for a yummy meal then headed back out to Aldeas SOS Santa Ana which is an orphanage that PTR started ministering at weekly.  While we were not allowed to take pictures here, I am pretty sure that the faces of the kids will be etched in our minds for a long time.  After trying to run some skill stations we decided to simply play futbol and we had about 30 people on the concrete court so it was a little chaotic, to say the least.  Kailey shared her testimony and encouraged the kids to trust God. We then headed back to AMCA for supper which was hamburgers chips and salad.  We then had team time and members shared testimonies and we studied Philippians together.  After team time we ordered Domino’s for a late night snack only to find out when it was delivered that it came from Papa Johns.  Oh well we all got some pizza.  Then after some talking, reading, playing games it was off to bed. What a great day serving the Lord in Costa Rica!

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