DCCS Soccer #5

After a short night of sleep, we awoke to have a wonderful breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and of course fresh fruit. We then headed to a Christian school where we would run clinics and play a soccer match.  Our first clinic was with 150 first through third graders.  We ran the clinic on a turf soccer field.  Needless to say they were an enthusiastic group and get us all quite busy.  The principal wanted us to use English only, so that made it a little easier.  One hour goes by so quickly, but we were thankful for the opportunity to teach them soccer and share testimonies.  As soon as they left, 115 fourth through sixth graders joined us for a clinic too.  While they may not have had the same energy as the younger kids, we had a great time teaching soccer and sharing testimonies with them. As soon as that clinic was over, the girls changed to play a match against the high school team.  We played 8v8 on two back to back futsal fields. After going down by a goal early on, our girls quickly responded and put together several scores.  While we did win, it was exciting for both teams to recognize that in playing the game we all love, demonstrating a Christ-like attitude on and off the pitch is something that is far greater than wins and losses.  Both teams met afterward and exchanged greetings and had the privilege to  encourage one another.  The school provided us with a snack afterwards.  The high school principal actually had all the students leave their classes and come to watch the first half. So for at least one half, we played before an energetic and loud crowd cheering on the home team.

We headed back to AMCA to get lunch before heading out to an orphanage to spend the afternoon playing with the kids.  The girls were excited to find out that we were returning to the same orphanage we ministered at earlier in the week.  Although we were unable to take pictures, these kids will be in our hearts and mind for a long time.   After sharing testimonies, we headed out and stopped at POPS for some wonderful ice cream.

We arrived at home, ate dinner and finished the day with team time.  We are going through Philippians, and tonight our focus was on our humility, perfected by Christ, as the example for us to model.  A few team members also shared their testimony.

Hopefully we will get a good night sleep as we have some fun things to do tomorrow, zip-lining and hot springs.


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