Eagles Wings International Impact

Eagles Wings Disc Golf has now traveled to both Zambia and Costa Rica to build disc golf courses. Those of us who love disc golf are not surprised when we hear stories from our missionaries in these countries of how much people like disc golf. The courses we have built continue to make an impact and allow these local missionaries to reach out to the local community. Even though most of our programs are focused on kids, these courses have made an impact on adults as well. As the current year comes to a close, we wanted to take some time to share a few stories from our missionaries in these countries.


Eric Thuma, our local missionary in Zambia, shared the following story with us.

“It has been over a year and a half since disc golf was introduced in Macha, Zambia and we are thrilled that the game continues to be a hit here with our children and staff. We want to highlight one of our staff in particular, Wilborn. Wilborn is one of our night watchmen who ensures the well being of our property from 6:00pm to 6:00am. However, he has quickly become one of our local disc golf pros! Even after his 12 hour night shifts, he can be found at the disc golf course, almost daily, honing his skills. In fact, just last week he posted an ace on hole number 2! Beyond his desire to keep improving, he often reports to work early in order to rally some boys to accompany him and play a round before his shift starts.

It is encouraging for us to see our staff take ownership and invest in a sport that we did not know anything about over a year ago. We continue to be grateful for this ‘new’ outlet of fun and fellowship.”

Costa Rica

Nattie and David, our missionaries in Costa Rica, recently shared the following story with us.

“Patri Pringle, a pre-school teacher in Costa Rica, has been using disc golf as a fun new activity for the children in her class. Recently, Patri held a Disc Golf mini tournament for the kids in her class and the response was one of great excitement!

Lucas and Lucio, the winners of the tournament, were beyond excited to not only win, but to also receive a mini disc as their prize. In addition to this event, in Costa Rica, we have also run practices in La Villa Olimpica and are planning to do one practice per month. We are grateful to have the chance to use Disc Golf as a ministry avenue in Costa Rica!”

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