East Africa Update #2

Happy Memorial Day to everyone back home.

We just finished our first day of camps and although we have been here for a full two days now, it seems like we have been here much longer. The Lord has allowed us to experience so many different things already.
Sunday morning we slept in and went to church at one of the worker’s homes. It was great to spend time in worship praying, singing, and studying God’s Word. In the afternoon we had some down time before heading to one of the local courts for practice.
After dinner we came home for dinner and then had prayer time with the local believers. It was a tremendous time of encouragement as we prayed for one another and listened to some of challenges our brothers have in Christ here in this country.
It was time for bed after prayer time so we could get ready for Monday. The team is staying in 3 different homes so the logistics of everything team related is a bit different. So this morning we all met at one of the homes and split up into two groups. Each group went to a different village and ran a 3-hour basketball clinic. One village had 100+ kids and the other one had 90+ kids. Good times when you have one court, 2 hoops, and 15 balls for each clinic. But the kids had a fantastic time, as did the coaches!
In the one village we had no idea whether kids would show up. It is a place the workers here would like to start something but have not done so yet. It was high up in the mountains and it came with gorgeous views of the ocean! About 8 kids were on the court when we first arrived. 15 minutes later we were ready to start, had about 20 kids, and then the singing started. We looked up to our left to where the singing was coming from and saw a very large group of kids coming down the hill singing. They had made a sign that read, “Welcome to our village,” and they sang some songs to go with it. We felt extremely welcome!
We are very excited to be heading back to each of these two villages over the next two days.
In the afternoon we ran another clinic for older kids (18-28) and enjoyed having more of a practice with them. This clinic was in a town we had been to 7 years ago and were happy to head back and see some familiar faces.
We returned to our home base for a quick dinner before heading out to the main stadium for a game under the lights. The ladies played first and played well, but fell just short. The men followed up with a good win against a worthy opponent. Win or lose, we are building some great relationships and look forward to how the Lord will open doors through the clinics and games.
Thank you so much for praying for us! We have clinics in the morning and afternoon tomorrow, but not game in the evening. We are eating dinner in the home of one of the workers and we are looking forward to getting to know them and spending some time together as a team playing games.
Have a great night!
The team

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