East Africa Update #3

Time is flying. We have officially been together as a team for one week. As they say, sometimes it feels like much longer, and other times it feels like we got together for training just yesterday.

It is Wednesday night here on “Gilligan’s Island” and we are heading to bed after a long 3 days of clinics in 3 different villages. Yesterday we were at two locations in the morning and then two locations in the afternoon, including a new one. Each one is vastly different. Kids are kids, but we have found that the village up in the mountains is much more secluded, and thus, seem to be enjoying a slower pace of life. They are also not as familiar with basketball as the other two locations.
Between the two clinics we had lunch and then enjoyed our team time talking about Paul as a Game Changer. This is a great 3 hour block of time where we can come together and study Scripture.
After the afternoon clinics the guys and girls split up and went with local workers to enjoy a “free evening.” The ladies spent the evening with the single ladies eating dinner at a local restaurant while the guys went to a home for dinner and played some intense card game. It was a nice break and a great time together!
Everyone slept pretty well last night, even though there have been a few stomach issues along the way. We have had to battle the electricity and water being off frequently, but it has been a reminder that God always provides what we need and that we are tremendously blessed back home where that very infrequently happens.
It was off the two clinics this morning for the third and final day. Both clinics went extremely well and it was really hard to leave. Amazing how attached you get after only 3 days! But we did say good-bye and headed back for lunch. On the way back we managed to pop one of the car tires. Not ideal, but hey, divine appointments come in all shapes and sizes.
Today we spent time looking at Esther and how the Lord used her to save His people. Then it was off to say good-bye to the afternoon clinics. Those also went really well, although today we were in 3 different locations. The team has stepped up tremendously well and has poured into the kids and the communities. Things are constantly changing on the fly and everyone is doing a great job just hanging in there and giving it their all.
We were at a worker’s house for dinner right next to the stadium where we would be playing our games. The women and men both played tonight. Both teams played extremely well, but fell just short. Well, in points that is. I am pretty confident that we left a good testimony out there. These teams were two of the top teams on the island, so the competition was good. Games go really late here so we were not getting home until well after 11 pm. Almost time for bed!
Tomorrow morning we can sleep in a little bit before we head to two other parts of the island to check out the sights and enjoy some time together. We will be doing some hiking and swimming, just what the doctor ordered for a very exhausted team! Then it is back at the clinics Friday morning.
Thanks so much for praying! We could not make it without you!
The team


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