East Africa Update #5

Sunday night and all is well!  We are hot, tired, and ready for a new week of clinics! 🙂
Just a recap of the last two days.
Yesterday was our last day of clinics in the two new towns we were in. One clinic had 65 kids for the 2 1/2 hours and the other clinic had 45. It was another smoker on both courts, but the kids and coaches did not seem to mind. The last day of the clinic is always great because of the interaction after the clinic is over. Lots of smiling face and photos. It was a long week but the coaches did extremely well in investing until the end.
We headed home for lunch, had team time, and then went to the afternoon matches in one of the towns where we just held a clinic. We got there to the sound of drums beating and cymbals clanging and lots and lots of dancing. We observed for awhile as a group of young boys performed the village dance. They proceeded to do a second dance, at which point a few of the coaches jumped in and danced along. They were very proud of their dance and we were proud to be a part of it.
The ladies played first and it was a tough game. We were missing part of our team, which really hurt us. But the ladies played hard and we continue to get better. The ladies ended up losing by 5. The guys played right after. It was another nail biter as it came down to the wire again. The men did pull it out and ended up winning by 2. Afternoon games are just tough for everyone. It is in the middle of the day in the beating hot sun. And after a long morning of clinics, the legs (and everything else) are just a bit tired. Again, the greatest part of the games is the pictures that are taken with the teams and the fans. Everyone just mingles and has a great time!
All sweaty and tired we went to dinner at a local restaurant and had a delicious local meal. After dinner we headed home and played “Empire” as a team. It was a fun ending to the day.
Thankfully we could sleep in an extra hour today. We had breakfast in our homes and then met at 9 am for our trip to the beach about an hour away. It was a great ride over the mountain and down to the beach. We arrived around 10:30 after having made all of our stops along the way. It was another beautiful day and opportunity to enjoy God’s creation. We set up in some bungalows on the beach front as soon as we arrived and got ready for church. Our team was in charge of much of the service as we had two give  testimonies and one brought the message.
The beach was quite crowded today, or at least more “crowded” than it usually is. But to us it was a lot less crowded than we are used to back home. We played soccer, tag, and rugby on the beach and certainly spent lots of time in the water. The waves were rough as there was a good bit of wind. But man, it was beautiful! We had a great time as a large group, including our hosts and some local believers. We headed home late afternoon as the goal on the island is to always get home before dark, which is usually around 6:15.
Sunday night is prayer night so we spent some time in prayer, lifting up specific requests, praying for the island, praying for the local believers, and praying for God to break the stranglehold that the enemy has on this island!
Thank you, Lord, for a great day! Thank you for praying for us as we embark on this second week on the island.
The team

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