East Africa Update #6

It is Tuesday night and it has been a full two weeks now that the team has been together. Wow, time is flying! We are at the tail end of our trip here and things are slowly starting to wind down. Tomorrow is our last day of clinics before we have a few days of debriefing and traveling home, arriving Sunday night.
Yesterday (Monday) we were at the national stadium running a clinic for various gym classes from a local school. We had one group for an hour and then another group for two hours. We had a great time learning some skills and playing some games. We did face two challenges during the clinic, however. The first one was that it was so incredibly hot with no breeze, four walls around us, the sun baking down on us and the sun baking up on us from the concrete court. The second challenge was that someone was burning all kinds of trash in the one corner of the stadium, but just outside, so the smoke and ashes were coming over the wall and filling the court. It was very hard to see and breath for about a half hour.
After lunch we had a game at a local village and we played a good team. We were fighting some illness and did not particularly play well on top of that and ended up getting beat by the village team. It was still a lot of fun, especially since it was incredibly windy and both hoops were bent and smaller than regulation size.
We had dinner at a worker’s house before returning back to our home for team time. We studied Daniel and God’s work through him as a ‘game changer.”
This morning (Tuesday) we headed off to our second morning of camp at the national stadium where we had two new groups. It was not as hot today and the kids were very receptive to the training. We have had about 30-35 at each of the four sessions at the stadium. It is nice because not only is it a very manageable group, but we are all serving together in one place. We have been spread out at different clinics each day, so it has been a treat to be together.
We had lunch, shared testimonies, and then ran a clinic in the village we played in yesterday. We ran a clinic for about 30 kids on one side of the court and a practice for the team that beat us on the other side of the court. They were hoping to learn a lot of different man and zone defenses. It was a great afternoon together before heading off to one of the worker’s homes for dinner.
We had dinner and played games together, just hanging out. Hard to believe tomorrow is our last day of clinics. We are excited about what God is going to do through it all! Thank you so much for praying! Tomorrow morning half the group will be at the stadium running clinics and the other half will be at the local prison and then religious school teaching English and sharing God’s love.
Again, we thank you for your continued prayers! They are much needed!
The team


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