East Africa update – final

Praise the Lord for a great 2 1/2 weeks! We arrived back in the US Sunday night after a two-day return trip via Nairobi and London. Gotta love those overnight flights:). After saying our good-byes on the island, we flew to Nairobi, where we saw Mount Kilimanjaro out the left side of the plane. What an incredible sight! We spent a good seven hours in the Nairobi airport, which, if you have not ever been, is a long time. The airport consists of one long hallway and several shops lining the sides. We managed to make the most of our time there by doing a scavenger hunt, reading, and getting a good dinner. When midnight finally rolled around we boarded our plane to London for an 8-hour flight. Thankfully we were all sitting together and enjoying some sleep, some conversation, and some movies.

We got to London early in the morning to find cold and dreary weather. We had 9 hours in London to get off the plane, see the city, and get back in time to board the flight home. So we ended up going into the city and catching the cool sights. Unfortunately, it was 50 degrees and very windy and not everyone had the appropriate gear. We still managed to see Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace (and the changing of the guard, and things like that. It was fun to see everything together.

We made it back to the airport in time to check in and board our flight home. Unfortunately, we were seated all over the plane so we did not finish our last leg together. We arrived Sunday night and by the time we got back to Emmaus it was 9:30 pm. It is Tuesday morning and the last person drives home today to NC. Otherwise, everyone else is safe and sound at home and we all praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us and for allowing us to serve Him in East Africa. What an awesome trip!

Thanks to each of you for praying for us and for following along through the updates. You are greatly appreciated and loved!

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