Happy 5th Birthday!

In August of 2013, Push The Rock opened an office in Macha, Zambia.  The only structure at that time was a single family home-the rest of the land was available to be used however ministry might evolve.

Five years later we celebrate the Lord’s goodness + faithfulness.  We now have a Recreation Center that is full of life and energy as children from the community stop in for various activities each afternoon.  They know they are welcome and loved by our staff-as they spend intentional time with one another-whether in sports, games, puzzles, or the library.  We value the many extracurricular activities because after five years, we have seen amazing relationships of respect and trust being built through play. We believe that when friendships are at the foundation of sharing Christ, the message of who Christ is can be more easily understood through honest and open dialogue.

After a few years as PTRZ, we started to dream of building our own sports complex to  accommodate the growing number of teams and sports we represented. After a couple years and many hours of clearing, planting + watering grass, and being patient-we are so excited to have our very own grass soccer field. We’re also thrilled to have just completed a full-size basketball court located next to the soccer field-both of which are already being used daily. We are honored to be able to provide a place in this community where young people can come for training, various practices, or to watch their favorite soccer team, PTR FC. We have plans to add volleyball + netball courts-along with an area people can grab snacks and drinks and socialize.

Another space we’ve been especially proud of is our 9 hole disc golf course. We were introduced to the sport by Eagles Wings Disc Golf who came in 2016 to build the course and instruct us in how the sport was played.

It’s been fun to see the kids and adults develop their game and become quite competitive. There’s been so much interest that we’ve partnered again with EWDG to expand the course to 18 holes, and together we’ll be hosting a PDGA official tournament in January of 2019.

Our staff has gone from a single volunteer to now 16 members.  Over the years, we continue to see our leaders growing in confidence, maturity, knowledge, and faith. These are the real stars of Push The Rock Zambia. It has taken an entire team effort to get us to the five year mark and we are ever grateful for the many people in the community here those in the United States who support the ministry.  We thank you for your generosity, for your prayers, and for your encouragement.


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