Happy New Year!

2015 felt like an especially wonderful year.  We saw the Lord work in both big and small ways-with one of the greatest being in the growth in attendance at our after school and soccer programs.  Because of an increased number of community children coming each afternoon, our staff also tripled in size.  In 2015 we also completed the Recreation Center and office projects, as well as acquired two pieces of land – one to ‘house’ our sports fields, and one will be the home of our very own disc golf course!

We also know there is plenty to look forward to this coming year.  Already, through a Christmas ‘drive,’ hundreds of books and games have been purchased on the behalf of the Rec Center, and are waiting to be shipped to Zambia.  They will be a huge blessing and wonderful addition to our library and afterschool program.  Two areas we’re currently investing more time and energy in are both a reading program and family visit schedule.  The reading program will be offered to each of the children who come in the afternoons-where they will spend time with staff reading and using their critical thinking skills prior to playing soccer.  We’re also passionate and excited about members of our staff making a few weekly visits to the families and homes of the children who attend here regularly-with the goal being to meet each family by year’s end.  It’s been valuable to sit down with families to share our hearts for partnering with them in encouraging and loving their children.

Our own full size soccer field is under construction and should be ready for use by March. It will not only serve us with the much needed training space for the growing soccer program,
but it will also be home to our own men’s team competing in the local amateur league. As mentioned above, Push The Rock Zambia is hosting a disc golf team this coming May who will install southern Zambia’s very first disc golf course…here in Macha.  We are excited to have disc golf introduced to the community-as it is another extracurricular activity that requires few resources.

In addition to the annual Push The Rock soccer team that comes in July, we are excited to welcome back the AROMA team from Messiah College in August.  Again, these athletes will work alongside us in sports outreach while also aiding the local community with the distribution of water filters.

We are expecting four interns from the USA between now and July, one of which will be with us for six months.  She, (Morgan) was here last year for 10 weeks and we are thrilled for her to be back at the end of this month, focusing heavily on developing our girls’ soccer program and helping mentor our coaches.

Finally, as mentioned above, we have officially completed our Recreation Center.  We have named it Mumuni Hall.  Mumuni, in our local language of Tonga, means ‘light.’ Jesus said that as believers, we “are the light of the world,” and that we should “let our light shine before men.”(Matthew 5:14,16)  As Push The Rock Zambia, it is our goal to share His love every way possible, shining the light of Jesus through all our activities, programs, and individual lives.

Atuyandane. (Let us love one another)

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