Italy 2017 | Update 2 |

 As camp opened up for the second day, the kids were so excited to see the team arrive after a 20 minute commute from Faenza to Forli. The coaches spent the first 10 minutes saying hi to every camper, even those are are participating in the basketball camp, and to the other staff. The sportsmanship thought of the day was “Determination.” One of the coaches emphasized the importance of working hard and even talked about the previous day’s coaches challenge as his team was determined to win despite being down early in the game. Following the sportsmanship thought, the campers went through their daily stretching routine and divided up into groups for basketball stations. After three rounds of stations, the kids took a break a for snack. This offered the coaches a chance to have conversations with other camp staff and kids. After snack, the kids return to the gym to hear one of the coaches’ testimony. She highlighted that your value in life is not defined by your situations, it’s defined in God. Many of the kids appeared to be receptive of her story. Following the testimony portion, the kids finished another three rounds of stations. During that time the another coach left for a few minutes to share his testimony with the other campers. Camp concluded on a high note as all the coaches were learning the campers’ names and picking up Italian words/phrases. The team would head back to Faenza for a quick nap, team time, and dinner at the missionary’s house. As the evening quickly approached, the team would head to the local outdoor court to run camp for 5 kids. Many of the parents would stay and watch the two hour camp.

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