Italy 2018 | Update 2 | June 25

The first day of camp always brings feelings of joy and excitement. For most of us, we had all our stuff prepared as if it was the first day of school and we were going to make new friends. The day started off with a 6:45 am wake up followed by breakfast at 7. The team was challenged to see that God can work even in the mist of dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14). Following breakfast, we departed for the camp in Forli. Two coaches caught the train to Forli in order to make room for a camper from Faenza to tag along with the team. Upon arrival to the summer camp, we were introduced to the 60+ kids and staffers. Of the 50+ kids, 32 would be spending the morning learning basketball with the team. After introductions, one of the coaches shared the day’s sportsmanship thought which was obedience. He shared that Jesus was the best example of obedience because of His willingness to die on the cross that we may have eternal life with Christ. In addition, he challenged the kids to practice obedience throughout the camp and while they are at home. Shifting to basketball, we discovered that many of the kids do not have a basketball background. This required each coach to focus on fundamentals during their station. Part way through, one coach shared his testimony with the basketball group and with the other camp kids. The coach explained that what the world has to offer never result in pure joy. True completion and value is found in Jesus Christ. We proceeded to have lunch with the entire camp … pasta in red sauce followed by fish and salad. Every year, it is amazing to see the the multiple-course lunches. After camp, the team headed back to Faenza where we discussed the 10 Commandments in an introductory perspective as part of Team Time. A team member also gave his testimony, in more detail, to the team. Following Team Time, we enjoyed a meal prepared by the missionary … tacos :). The tacos were amazing despite not being Italian. After dinner, we went to a local school to play pickup with a guy that the local missionary has been able to build a relationship with over the years. He was excited to have a chance to play basketball and get to know each one of us. We will be playing with him and several of his friends on Friday. The night concluded with Scoops (gelato) and late night card games.



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