Italy 2018 | Update 3 | June 26

Our morning began in traditional fashion, with breakfast at 7 am followed by a “pebble challenge” (a short devo for the day). We were excited to get to camp as we knew the kids would be looking forward to more basketball. Today’s sportsmanship thought was on Determination. We challenged the kids to pick a skill and be determined to improve in that skill over the course of the week. The campers enjoyed the morning camp as we spent more time on group games designed to improve various basketball skills. Towards the end of the morning session, one of the coaches shared his testimony about believing he could find fame and popularity through sports. However, when sports were taken away from him, he discovered a new purpose through the life of Christ. He explained that Jesus’ willingness to serve others and His obedience in dying on the cross for mankind changed his life and gave him a new purpose in using sports as a platform for spreading the Gospel. After lunch with the kids, the coaches traveled to the Forli Basketball Club Shooting Camp. This was Push The Rock’s first time interacting with these kids. There were 60+ kids at the camp but we would be doing skill work with 48 of the kids from ages 12 – 16. We spent the first portion of our time at the camp talking about determination and allowing the kids to ask us questions about our lives. Many of them thought we were professional athletes ;). Following the intro portion, we got to lead skill development on 2 separate courts for 45 minutes. Most of the drills were centered around shooting. The camp director was impressed with the leadership and drills the team came up with during this portion. After the drills, we hung out and watched the campers participate in a 4-on-4 tourney. This downtime allowed us to hold conversations with the kids. Camp ended at 6. One of the missionaries drove the team backed to Faenza to get refreshed and head back to Forli to have barbecue with the other missionaries and camp interns. It was a great time of fellowship and eating some American style food. Our night concluded with Team Time.



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