Italy 2018 | Update 6 | June 30 & July 1

Our morning began with worship and church in Forli with the missionaries. Most of the service was in Italian but it was great getting share why we were here and what the Lord is doing. We enjoyed a potluck style lunch at the church. After church, the team was driven up to Mestre to partake in their service. One of the coaches shared his testimony along with an encouragement message centered around “one body.” Following church, we enjoyed refreshments and got to spend time with the translators who will be helping out with camp.

What a first day of camp? Our morning started early as we assisted the church with set up before the kids arrive. We have 56 kids attending camp this week. The morning portion of camp was very similar to last weeks. One of the coaches spoke on obedience followed by stations and coaches challenge. Different from the last year, one of the stations is spiritual focused and features a bible story from the Gospel of John. Lunch was later than normal which really made the day long. Following lunch, the kids enjoyed a spiritual skit and Q&A with the coaches. The remaining time of day was spent playing 4 on 4 games. A testimony was shared as parents arrived so that they could hear more about each coaches background as well as how God worked in their lives. This was a great first day of camp. After camp, we decided to go into Venice and see the city at night. It is such a beautiful city at night! We probably walked a few miles before deciding on a restaurant. Everyone had spaghetti. We couldn’t have asked a for a better ending to our day!


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